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I wanted to share a great chat I had with Ashleigh @ Paleo Magazine Radio on iTuneslibsyn.

Key Points From This SIBO, IBS, LPR and Fast Tract Diet Episode Are:

  • Drug and antibiotic free Fast Tract Diet.
  • Current debates in gut health research (SIBO | LIBO).
  • How does SIBO differ from IBS?
  • Some of the symptoms specific to SIBO.
  • What are fermentable carbohydrates?
  • The benefits of intermittent fasting.
  • My view on Keto diets.
  • Resistant starch and low FP carbs.
  • The effects of high fat diets on digestion.
  • My theory on the causes of acid reflux.
  • Can the Fast Tract Diet help with silent reflux or LPR?
  • Diet versus digestive enzyme supplements.
  • The lactase gene and digesting dairy.
  • The importance of a diverse diet.

And much more!

Take a listen on iTunes & libsyn


“A science-based diet with behavioral intervention should really be the first line of defense for these functional GI conditions.” — @DrNRobillard [0:12:30.1]

“Just blasting fiber and a lot of fermentable carbs, I’m convinced is part of the problem, not the solution.” — @DrNRobillard [0:18:33.1]

“I really do think for a lot of people, a ketogenic diet is a great way to start.” — @DrNRobillard [0:28:10.1]

“Our main goal is not to overfeed the microbes.” — @DrNRobillard [0:29:22.1]

“Some people confuse an effect that carbs are having on them and they blame the fats.” — @DrNRobillard [0:34:11.1]

“People want the easy thing. They don’t want to have to follow a diet for years to get sorted out.” — @DrNRobillard [0:46:28.4]

“Our mission is to get 10 million people off of drugs and antibiotics and onto a more holistic lifestyle and diet.” — @DrNRobillard [0:58:20.4]

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