Fast Tract Digestion – IBS

“I can’t recommend this book heartily enough”
– Dr. Michael R. Eades, New York Times Best Seller Co-Author of  Protein Power

Fast Tract Digestion IBS

In writing Fast Tract Digestion IBS, Dr. Robillard has turned his own struggle into a mission to help millions of people for healthy science-based solutions to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This book puts his passion into an Occam’s razor approach arriving at a novel and rational solution to treating this debilitating condition.

People  with IBS – and any other SIBO related condition – can benefit from this book. Dr. Robillard shows the reader why the Fast Tract approach is superior to other diets, drugs, antacids and even antibiotics, which are often prescribed in an off-lable manner for IBS. The book also contains a comprehensive evaluation of each class of IBS drugs and an entire chapter explaining the potential problems with taking antibiotics for anything short of the most severe forms of IBS.

The antibiotic option is one of many physicians choose for treatment, but readers of this book will think twice about going on such a regiment until other options are explored. Most importantly, the Fast Tract approach Dr. Robillard created limits only the most difficult to digest carbohydrates. Thus, the means of relief is flexible where both the types and amounts of symptom-causing foods can be adjusted based on personal dietary preferences.

Even people with the most challenging symptoms will be pleased with their improvement. I can not recommend this book hearty enough.

“It gives a real solution that works fast.”
– Dr. Alan Hu, Visiting GI Surgeon at St. Vincent Hospital, Visiting-Scholar at Indiana University & Purdue University

I am a GI surgeon and also an IBS patient who has suffered from this stubborn disease for more than 15 years. As a GI doctor, I have obtained more knowledge and experience than most over the years from treating my own IBS as well as patients with IBS.

However, all methods I had learned didn’t make sense until I read Fast Tract Digestion IBS. The book is outstanding among the many books that I’ve read on IBS. To my amazement, the Fast Tract Diet described in the book worked in just a couple of days. Thank you for your work and book. I would like to spread the word on the Fast Tract Diet to my colleagues and patients.

“This made so much sense” – Linda Wiemers:

Linda Wiemers review on Fast Tract Digestion IBS

After reading your book I knew you were describing all of my struggles with digestion. This made so much sense to me as I have been diagnosed with SIBO twice in the past 4 years. I can’t remember a day when I didn’t feel uncomfortable by the end of the day.

I summed up the foods to avoid and within 3 days I was able to eat without feeling bloated. I have been diagnosed with a mild mitochondrial myopathy that I believe is part of my challenge dealing with motility issues. I have read many books on nutrition and have always been conscious of nutrition throughout my adult life, none of these books dealt with degree of fermentation potential in foods affecting digestion and absorption. Thank you so much for your tireless research and publication of this book.

“Absolutely essential reading for anyone with IBS” – Simon Pearson:

Simon Pearson review on Fast Tract Digestion IBSI have suffered from IBS for many years with chronic flatulence, constant bloating and various other typical IBS symptoms all worse after a course of antibiotics 4 years ago. Only after 1 week into the Fast Tract Diet, I felt so much better. For the first time in years my gut feels more or less normal again. Not to mention the daily fatigue I was experiencing has vanished. I’d even go as far as to say I feel more alert and focused than before. After reading Dr. Robillard’s books on SIBO, it just seems so obvious and makes sense. I find it surprising that the mainstream medical community has been so slow to pick up on this.

“Read this book!” Lana Langevin:

Lana Langevin review on Fast Tract Digestion IBSIf you have digestion issues, you need to read this book. The gut healing strategy put forward isn’t a rehash of existing ideas but rather implements a unique concept of using the Glycemic Index to determine which foods will cause more fermentation in the gut. By reducing fermentation, symptoms subside and healing begins.

I started researching when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid gland) and was told that there was nothing I could do to prevent the disease from progressing. What I learned is that healing begins with the gut. I learned about ‘leaky gut’ causing inflammation and the resultant immune response to this inflammation. More research revealed that ‘Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth’ (SIBO) plays a key role in leaky gut.

Armed with this information I began looking at how I could change my diet to bring about healing. I thought I had found the answer with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It all made sense to me except what was being said about amylose and amylopectin starches. My research revealed that amylopectin is the starch that is more easily digested – yet the SCD held the alternate position. I kept researching…

This is how I stumbled onto the Digestive Health Institute site. I was absolutely thrilled as I read what Norm Robillard had to say! I purchased the book ‘Fast Tract Digestion – IBS’ immediately. I had been diagnosed with IBS early in my life but it had rarely given me great discomfort. Yet I now have no doubt that this faulty digestion that I have been living with was the impetus to my developing Hashimoto’s disease.

Fast Tract Digestion is brilliant in its simplicity. The use of the Glycemic Index to determine fermentation potential (FP) in the intestines is genius! Norm has done his homework – this diet is scientifically sound. He has taken the guesswork out of menu planning for healing your gut. It allows flexibility in that you can have a food with a high FP as long as you balance it with lower FP foods. I love the boundaries that it provides to keep your healing going forward but the freedom to have a coveted food now and again is there – as well as the freedom for varying food preferences.

I now feel that I am on solid ground as I move forward. Thanks Norm! I am eagerly awaiting his next book which I understand will include information on Hashimoto’s. So many conditions respond to this diet which, in its essence, is treating the underlying SIBO that contributes to them.

Bottom line: Use this book on its own or as an adjunct to an existing eating plan. But it most definitely needs to be in the library of anyone with digestion issues. It’s that good.

“It helps my patients” – Dr. Bojan Peric:

Dr. Bojan Peric review on Fast Tract Digestion IBS“This works. It is now well established that the majority of digestive problems are caused or exacerbated by bacterial overgrowth (or at least the imbalance of the different bacteria present). Well in this book you are provided with a foolproof way of starving those bad bacteria that are likely to ferment the food you eat, create gas and cause problems.

I’m a chiropractor and many of my patients complain of digestive problems…  Making suggestions based on this book has been very effective.”

“Amazing and so eye opening!” – Marcee Hampton:

Marcee Hampton review on Fast Tract Digestion IBSI have suffered from digestion issues all my life, with things becoming worse after a surgery and contracting C Diff back in 2007.  I had another surgery in 2012 and sadly got C Diff once again….I feel like I have tried every food strategy, with SCD and the Fast Tract Diet being the most recent. I have only been utilizing the Fast Tract Diet for about 10 days now, but I feel the best I have in years in regards to my digestive health.  I must admit I was skeptical about some of the food items allowed, especially after practicing the SCD diet for a few months…but I jumped in with both feet and the results have been amazing to me!

It has been so hard in the past to leave home due to digestion issues and traveling was sometimes out of the question.  Having 3 kids, it has been very challenging. Being on the diet I feel like I can begin to “resume life” again. This in itself is a tremendous blessing.   Lastly,  I had an appointment with my GI doctor today and shared with him about the book and what a difference it has made for me in the short amount of time that I have been utilizing it.  I went in to see him with the knowledge that I was going to be scheduled for an endoscopy, but since the results have been so positive his advice was to hold off on the test and keep doing what I am doing!

“Helps My Crohn’s” – C. Austin:

C. Austin review on Fast Tract Digestion IBS

I have suffered from Crohn’s for 15+ years and, following a 2nd bowel resection in Feb 2012 began looking seriously at how diet affected the disease. In April 2012 I started the David Klein diet and after a few months modified it slightly to Elaine Gottschall’s SCD diet. Following a 3 week detox period the diets helped tremendously. I was drug free, had normal ESR markers and was free of pain, bloating and general discomfort. However, several symptoms remained and some foods, generally considered safe on the SCD diet, still gave me problems in digestion. I found various threads on the internet suggesting that, whilst starch was one kind af sugar that seriously affects Crohn’s disease, there are many others such as high fibre (chains of sugar) and high fructose fruits.

What I really needed was a book that could identify precisely which foods would feed the bacteria in my digestive system that produce the gas and toxins that are so damaging to the bowel. The Fast Tract Digestion book does this very clearly so I modified my diet once more (subtle changes from the SCD diet) and found further improvements in my digestion took place. The ‘Fermentation Potential’ section is excellent in that it enables the reader to understand which foods they can safely eat and the explanation of how the various bacteria utilise the nutrients we provide clearly illustrates why we (especially Crohn’s sufferers) need to be highly selective in our choice of foods. In short the book is an excellent guide to helping to minimize the symptoms of Crohn’s disease.

I’d caution that, in my experience, diet cannot cure Crohn’s disease as it is not the primary cause of the bowel inflammation (if anyone is reading this who has Crohn’s disease I’d suggest they look at MAP – mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis and especially the work of John Hermon-Taylor. This item is especially eye opening: […] ). However, minimizing the inflammation that can be caused by consumption of foods that feed the harmful bowel flora provides significant relief from the day-to-day suffering caused by Crohn’s disease and this book certainly offers that.

“I have found relief – the Fermentation Potential (FP) of foods is the GOLDEN KEY” – JRo:

Irina L review on Fast Tract Digestion IBS

Finally, after all my years of searching and trying to overcome my persistent, debilitating IBS systems, I have found relief.

My story:  I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 13 years old. Continued to suffer after following the Dr.’s orders to increase fiber in my died. At 17, after repeating the test 3 times, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, though the biopsy was inconclusive. Some improvement off wheat, but continued to suffer with bouts of severe stomach pain and urgent diarrhea. I was prescribed Paxil which seemed only to mask the symptoms. Stomach problems continued and intensified even on a strict gluten and dairy free diet. Was diagnosed with SIBO a year ago, but the Gastro doctor I saw didn’t seem to think that was the cause of my trouble. I asked her if there was any diet I could try to get some relief, and she said there was not. When I mentioned that I felt somewhat better when I ate sort of Paleo, she was adamant that there was no connection.  Fast forward to finding your amazing IBS book!!! I started reading it and could not stop. It was awesome to  find someone who speaks my language. I’ve tried SCD and Paleo and still have had so many issues, probably from eating too much fruit/fructose and copious amounts of honey. I am so happy to find on your diet, already I can “cheat” a little with a few organic gluten free cookies, on a very limited basis, and some extra dark chocolate. I’m also learning to bake with almond flour and strictly limit starchy foods, focusing on all meats, many vegetables, eggs and just a little fruit.

After just a few days on your IBS fast track diet, I was already feeling amazing. Totally amazing!! I waited a couple weeks just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke before sending this letter. I strongly believe the Fermentation Potential (FP) of foods is the GOLDEN KEY to unlocking my chronic, debilitating symptoms, specifically SIBO-ibs. Fast-track Digestion WORKS!!!!

I feel hope, which is something I haven’t experienced in a long time, in regards to my awful stomach issues. I have always dreamed of traveling, and now with your Fast Track diet, I believe that one day soon that dream is going to become a reality. Honestly, I was at the point of thinking I would have to leave my fast-paced job as a legal secretary, a challenging job I really enjoy. I always knew it wasn’t stress but diet related, no matter how many times doctors tried to give me anti-depressants.

If I ever meet you in person, I want to give you a great, big hug!!! I am absolutely thrilled to be feeling well again. I feel as though I’ve been given a new lease on life. Waking up every morning with stomach pain, feeling like I was suffering from a constant stomach bug, fearing to eat lunch at work, etc. etc. are now just a bad memory.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Dr. Robillard. I can’t say how grateful I am.

SIBO diet, Fast Tract Digestion IBS, Irritable Bowel SyndromeIrina L:

Thank you so much! Words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr Robilard and his work. I literally went from not being able to eat or drink and being in constant pain to feeling like my old self in a matter of 2-3 days!


I have been on the Fast Track Diet for 6 weeks. The improvement in my IBS symptoms is nothing short of amazing! For 25 years I have suffered with the usual IBS symptoms plus chronic headaches/migraines, sinus problems, nausea, and more. I took allergy shots and followed a strict rotation diet for 20 years. Then I tried SCD, FODMAP, and various other diets for IBS with very limited improvement. However, my symptoms improved on the Fast Tract Diet within 48 hours of starting the diet and are now about 90% gone.

I eat only foods that Dr R classifies as LOW risk for symptoms. I have also discovered that I must eliminate all wheat in order to avoid sinus congestion. I continue get neck cramps and feel a bit achey in the morning, so I must continue to explore what might be causing those symptoms. But overall, WOW, this feels like a miracle.

JRo review on Fast Tract Digestion IBS

Kim Rongey:

The author explains what foods create SIBO, and I am thrilled that his background is based upon science and not just another person’s idea of a diet.

P. Stroud:

I was already eating a Paleo style diet, so it wasn’t too difficult for me to follow this plan. The tables in the back of the book make it easy to immediately figure out if a food is safe.


Fast Tract Digestion – Heartburn

“Fast Tract Digestion – By Far the Best Answer to Acid Reflux”
– Alana Sugar, Certified Nutritionist | Whole Foods Consultant to Whole Foods Market and The American Institute for Cancer Research:

Alana Suger's review on Fast Tract Digestion HeartburnDr. Robillard, your work has done the greatest service of all time for those of us facing these sorts of gut issues. The diet you have outlined is nutritionally balanced and safe! I tell my clients about your book and your work; I want everybody to know!

I want to also mention that my nephew, although just 25 years old, like so many others in my family, has suffered terribly with acid reflux. He lives and works in Japan and came back to the U.S. a couple of months ago to see the doctors here for treatment. But quite frankly, it was to no avail. I gave him my copy of this book. Together, we looked over Dr. Robillard’s website,, he took the book back to Japan and has reported (several times) that he no longer has acid reflux. My sister tells me he read the book and carried it with him until he had to pack it for his trip back to Asia! I only wish I had known what I know now. This could have helped my mother who took Tagamet daily and my uncle, who died at 50 of esophageal cancer. It would have helped my grandfather, too, who constantly had a Rolaid in his mouth.

The Book that has the Cure for GERD” – Tom Sheibels:

Tom S review on Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn

To all sufferers of asthama and Laryngeal Pharyngeal Reflux due to GERD, I say get this book and start right away with the Fast Track Diet as explained clearly by author Norman Robillard!

After a serious bout of asthma, infections in the sinuses, throat and even eyes, as well as constant hoarseness, I was diagnosed with GERD in April 2014. After taking 80mg of Proton-Pump Inhibitor a day for 10 weeks and trying to find the right type of foods to give me relief, I was still suffering from the same symptoms and did not have a clue as to how I was going to ever get my condition under control, let alone cure it. My doctors simply told me to keep taking the PPI’s for the rest of my life.

By chance I came across this book (Fast Tract Digestion – Heartburn) while looking for another book online. It introduced a concept that was unlike any of the other information about cures for GERD that I had read about. I had nothing to lose and downloaded the book on my Kindle. In the first part of the book Norman Robillard explains how food is digested. Then he goes on to explain how carbohydrates ferment in the small intestine producing large amounts of gas which pass through the weakened lower esophageal sphincter that GERD sufferers have. In my case the gas went all the way up to my lungs, sinuses and eyes, causing my problems.

For me the choice was obvious. Start the Fast Track Diet and keep at it.
I followed it as precisely and clearly described by Norman R. I noticed the first improvement after two weeks. Over the next two months my symptoms slowly but surely vanished more and more.

Today, a little over three months later, I am free of those horrible symptoms. I was so sick, it is like a miracle! Once again fellow GERD patients: BUY this book and STICK to the diet as researched and proven by Norman Robillard!! The nightmare will be over and the quality of your lives will be returned to you.

“Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn is a life changer” – Frederick Wilson:

Frederick Wilson review on Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn

I’ve had GERD and LPR since childhood.  Since I’m 60 years old, that means I’ve been suffering for over 50 years.  The last 20 years I’ve been on many prescription PPIs, none of which have provided me with an acceptable quality of life.  I’ve been on prescription promotility drugs, which created awful side effects.  I’ve been on pancreatic enzymes, prescription pain-killers, and, well, you get the picture.  Nothing special, I’m just like a lot of other unfortunate souls, caught in a dreary, painful GERD limbo.  I’ve open-mindedly tried every remedy, scientific or not, that I could lay my hands on.

I’ve been on Paleo, low-fat, Acid-dropping, and other diets.  I’ve recently had my first surgical consults and was heading toward fundoplication or LINX or Stretta or some other surgical intervention. The results of these attempts have been: some partial relief, but continued suffering, disappointment, heartburn and LPR, significant limitations to my life, and pain, pain, pain. That is, until I got a copy of Fast Tract Digestion – Heartburn.

I’m three weeks along, off all my medicines, almost pain free, and enjoying cooking and eating for the first time in years.  I have every expectation that I’ll be able to reengage in my life – with due diligence to our shared Fast Tract Diet, of course. Thank you so much for what you have done.  Medical science and the GI docs have been incredibly, shockingly wrong about this syndrome, their diagnoses, and their treatment plans, and quite possibly have done more harm than good.  In most cases, I’d like to see PPIs, fundoplication, and the ideas of trigger foods, TLESRs, and so forth go the way of treatment with leeches.  It’s about time they got it right!

“The Fast Tract Diet works and I am eternally grateful” – Olga Keller:

Olga Keller review on Fast Tract Digestion HeartburnI used to have a terrible heartburn for several months in a row, nonstop day and night.  I am a very health conscious person and thought that I was taking a good care of myself and did not understand why it was happening to me.  I did seek help of a conventional physician and was told that it was genetic and that the only thing to do was to take ppi pills (acid reducer).  I tried various diets, including candida diet, low carb diet, juice diet with no positive results.  I was really desperate and felt hopeless. I even felt like I was not going to live for very long since my esophagus was very eroded from acid, I had trouble breathing , I was coughing all the time and was scared of eating.

I started looking for more information online and found a book by Dr. Norman Robillard called Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn. I read it in one day and my life turned around from that point. I started implementing it immediately and got results from day one. I could not believe that conventional medicine was not looking in that direction at all and was just oriented towards drugs.   Dr. Robillard’s diet approach is very comprehensive.  He talks about carbs but not just carbs in general,  but different kinds of them.  He talks about fiber, fructose, sugar alcohols and resistant starches.  It turns out that a type of carbohydrate makes a huge difference in creating heartburn and that was lifesaving information for me.  Different people react to different types of carbs  but for me the worst was fiber. I had to eliminate all fruits, vegetables and grains from my diet for some time and it worked  like a miracle.  I ate just jasmine rice (God praise high amylopectin starch!)  and animal products for a while and that  was what saved me.    Anyway, the diet works and I am eternally grateful to Dr. Robillard for giving me hope and such valuable information about health and diet.

“I am symptom free thanks to the Fast Tract Diet” – Sam Tipton-Hammonds:

Sam overcoming LPR - Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn After suffering with LPR for two years, I am symptom free thanks to the Fast Tract Diet. By eliminating all of the five carb groups – after figuring out which foods fit into which group – and adding them back in one at a time over the last few days, I’ve discovered that I cannot eat grains (regardless of if they’re gluten free or not) or dairy. Without these in my diet I have no post nasal drip, no phlegmy throat and no globus sensation. Thank you Norm, I am so grateful for your book and app




“I got my voice (and life) back, this really works from a low-fat vegan viewpoint” – Chuck in Los Angeles:

Chuck in Los Angeles review on Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn

I became a low-fat vegan several years back, which, depending upon one’s food choices, can be a diet quite high in fiber. I understand now I was eating excessive fiber, and eating it late at night as well.

Not surprisingly (I understand this after reading this book), I developed a severe case of GERD and reflux laryngitis, often being without a voice for days at a time. My doc prescribed Prevacid for 2 months which helped, but this did not address the core cause. When I stopped the meds, the laryngitis returned, and I was unable to talk for several weeks.

Wanting to address the underlying cause of my GERD & laryngitis (as opposed to just treating symptoms), I bought this book, thinking I had nothing to lose to try the diet for a few days. Within 48 hours of eating only low-FP (vegan in my case) foods, I had my voice back, and the GERD was almost immediately improved. That was 1-1/2 years ago, and though I don’t limit myself now to only low FP foods, I do avoid high FP foods, and rarely if ever have a reoccurrence of GERD or voice problems.

I’ll admit it’s a bit more challenging to do this as a vegan, but I believe it’s a small price to pay not to have to take PPI’s the rest of my life.

What helped me was to make a list from Appendix C of “safe (low-FP)” vegan foods, and also a list of foods I could have occasionally. My go-to vegan low FP list (when I had severe GERD) included almonds, avocados, beets, broccoli, butternut squash, brussels sprouts, celery, cauliflower, carrots, cantaloupe, dates, watermelon, jasmine rice (with its negative FP), hummus, pretzels, kale, mushrooms, pecans, snow peas, peaches, popcorn, pineapple, rice cakes/crackers, strawberries, tofu, seitan, boca burgers, walnuts, tomatoes and many other low-FP veggies and fruits. I never feel deprived by limiting the FP of my foods choices.

My maintenance diet includes many of the moderate FP foods, and I keep my list of foods handy in the kitchen. I use portion control and also jasmine rice with its “negative FP” rating to counter the effects of an occasional higher FP meal.

BTW, I’m 68 years old, being a low-fat vegan has improved my energy level amazingly, and resolved a long standing cardio issue… so I don’t recommend eating the low-FP high fat animal protein foods that are listed . . . but in my case, if you’re vegan or flexitarian, I highly recommend trying Robillard’s Fast Tract diet, especially if you’re unable/unwilling to tolerate the effects of long term PPI use.

“Funny how many specialists could not help me, but this book has.” – N. Bailey: 

N. Bailey review on Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn If you have persistent heartburn or GERD, you NEED this book! I finally found relief from this book after many, many other avenues. I have to admit that I was initially doubtful that this book would help me. I have been suffering with GERD and LPR for the past 5 years, and have been on many PPIs including: Prilosec, Protonix, Acidifex, Nexium, Prevacid, Ompeprazole, etc.

These pills would work for a while, and then they wouldn’t and I would have to change to something else for relief. Additionally, I have taken Carafate, Ranitidine, Zantac, and Tagamet to get relief from my heartburn. I have tried chiropractic, acupuncture, ALCAT testing results, the Candida diet, The Dropping Acid Diet based on the book, supplements in the thousands of dollars from the health food store, and hypnosis.

As a last resort, I had Nissen Fundoplication surgery in January. I knew going into the surgery that there was a chance that it would not work; and unfortunately it did not :-(. I have been to a family physician, 3 separate gastroenterologists (1 from a very prestigious teaching university), and 2 ENTs. I would ask them “Why? Why do I have this?” and “what/where does this come from?”

Their answer was always to take a pill or change my pills/medication. Well after all I have been through-all the suffering and all of the time spent away from my children and family because I was not feeling well-I have found my answer and it is Dr. Norm’s book. I now know “why?” I had heartburn (notice how I said “had”) and “where?” it came from.

Funny how many specialists could not help me, but this book has. I am so thankful for Dr. Norm’s book and feel fortunate for the work he has done. I am now off of PPIs completely, and occasionally take a Tums or Tagamet. If you have persistent heartburn, I highly, highly recommend this book for you.


“The Right Staff” – J. Crowell:

BF review on Fast Tract Digestion HeartburnWorks. After 6 months, 2 doctor visits and three prescriptions ( antibiotics & steroids ) for sore throat and throat congestion, nothing seemed to work. There is a family history of reflux, so I googled it. It seems my symptoms closely resembled LPR so I tried DR. Robillard’s diet before seeing an ENT. It’s only been one week but the sore throat is completely gone and the congestion is 95% gone already. I feel great. The diet works. Thanks Doc.

Lally Ann: 

I have just finished reading your book and don’t quite know what to do with myself now that I am feeling well again after more than twenty years of suffering with digestive problems and crippling fatigue. I had, through my own research, nearly sorted things out, but there was still some things not making sense and keeping me ill. Your book has finally clarified all the missing elements! Thank you.

Dagmar Hallal:

Your book has done more for my digestive troubles than any other book or publication on the subject. I learned more from this book than any advice I have received over the years from various gastroenterologists I’ve consulted who were unable to help my condition. Now, before I eat anything I make sure the food has a low FP, and this step alone has resulted in a remarkable improvement in my digestion resulting in better health over all. To me, this book is a God-send.

Mark Kaufman:

I have had gerd or acid reflux for 35 years and never found an effective way to stop the ever present heartburn agony all day and night until I followed the basic information in your book about fermentation potential on food, sweeteners,and starch. I am 70 years old and followed a strict diet of no processed food,fast or fried food,low fat & no oils.Drank 6 to 8 twelve ounce glasses of water a day with six small meals per day AND PROBIOTICS daily.

This did help me but I still had heartburn. Following your specified fermentation potential guide in your book solved the remaining heartburn problem I had so very long. I was never into taking drugs for heartburn in the past and did experience heartburn, nausea, and vomiting from them. I have tried other heartburn programs in the past, but yours was the only one that really worked for me. Thank God for that.

“A Must Read for Heartburn/GERD Sufferers” – BF:

BF review on Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn

When I evaluate books such as this one, I look to (1) the author’s credentials and (2) the extent of the footnoting as evidence of the nature of the book. This book passes both tests with flying colors, the author being a PhD mirobiologist from U Mass. with post doc study, and the book being well footnoted (92 footnotes) to substantiate the author’s assertions. For me, those are the tests which make a book worth the time to read and consider. When one adds the fact that the author apparently researched gut issues himself, and his impetus for investigation of this subject is the fact that he suffered from heartburn/GERD as we do, then the book becomes deserving of serious evaluation. The author supports his thesis as to the true cause of heartburn/GERD well – the logic and significant circumstantial evidence is persuasive.

Personally, I’ve suffered from heartburn primarily and GERD occasionally for approx. 25 years, and have until the last several years relied upon a daily dosage of probably 5 – 10 antacid tablets to survive. Several years ago, I began taking omeprazole 20mg on a daily basis, with the knowledge and consent of my long term physician, who is employed by an internationally known medical institution with multiple locations, generally rated in the top 5 every year. Make no mistake – they are in my opinion wonderful. I’ve felt for a long time, however, that the suppression of gastric acid with omeprazole is not a wise idea. I tried to quit using omeprazole once a year or so ago, but my knowledge of how to do so was inadequate, and I gave up.

I then found Dr. Robillard’s book, and began eating as he advised – basically very low carb, with foods which appear to have low potential to ferment and cause gas in one’s stomach and/or small intestines, the pressure of which is postulated to open one’s lower esophageal sphincter and result in heartburn/GERD. Almost immediately, my symptoms began to abate, and they have consistently become better and better over the last week or so of my following Dr. Robillard’s advice. With my doctor’s knowledge, I also supplement with HCL tablets at each meal, something which Dr. Robillard also suggests considering, but only with your physician’s knowledge and consent. After approx. 12 days, I have taken no antacids for over 2 days now – an absolute miracle for me.

Added benefits to me have been a very significant weight loss, and a gain in energy, which I believe may come from adequately digesting food and thereby gaining the nutrient value which I was previously losing. Due to several unrelated medical conditions, I’ve had very low energy for over 3 years, thus I know very well the additional energy benefits – it is not speculative.

My profession is essentially giving advice. My advice to you, if you are a heartburn/GERD sufferer, is to buy this book.

“The Fast Tract Diet worked within days for my acid reflux and LPR”
– Amanda Clerke:

Amanda Clerke review on Fast Tract Digestion HeartburnMy experience with the Fast Track Diet was the result of furious googling and desperation as a result of my acid reflux and LPR. I had tried most things at the point. I found the Fast Tract Diet worked for me within days. I feel much better than I ever felt and have lost weight (although I am not overweight but happy to shed the odd kilo).  Fibre was a concern on the beginning but I tried to get that through vegetables. I did take Zantac on ENTs advice (although he prescribed Nexium) for 6 weeks to knock the cough on the head but remain on the diet. I have to say the diet stopped the cough about 80%. May have worked 100% but I am an adjudicator and coughing just wasn’t acceptable. I just feel better. More energy, better sleep no esophageal burning, no lump in throat, no burping , no wind (!), etc. I highly recommend  anyone suffering from symptoms of GERD to try it.


I had been on PPI medication for over 10 years and tried from time to time to get off of them. But the acid reflux that returned was excruciating. I found this book, followed its advice and was so pleasantly surprised how well it works. Haven’t taken a PPI in a month. The book is easy to read and understand and the recipes are really good. The charts in the book also make it easy to keep track of what and how much you can eat. I’d recommend this book to anyone who has GERD, takes medication for it and wants to get off of PPI’s.”


I struggled with indigestion for many many years. It was always frustrating because I couldn’t absolutely identify the foods that were causing my trouble. Dr. Robillard’s book was just what I needed. He explains the chemistry of food digestion and helps you understand WHY GERD symptoms develop. I was then able to identify wheat/starch as a primary culprit in my own situation. This book is life changing!

“I can again enjoy my morning cup of coffee and evening glass of wine”
– Jeanne:

Jeanne review on Fast Tract Digestion HeartburnI was a real mess emotionally and physically before I discovered the book Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn by Dr. Norm Robillard. I developed a bad case of SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) which I believe was caused by being on Nexium for five months. Nexium did not help my GERD symptoms even though I was eating the blandest diet on the planet. I found that by eating low FP foods listed in the book, I was able to wean myself off Nexium and feel better than I did while on the medication. I can again enjoy my morning cup of coffee and evening glass of wine. I am a much happier and healthier person these days. Thank you, Dr. Robillard!

Doug Hagey:

The Fact Tract Digestion – Heartburn book has really helped me to avoid the foods which were likely feeding my SIBO-induced reflux symptoms. I’ve stayed away from grains and other high FP foods now for 3 months and the bloating has decreased dramatically. I am able to both eat more and enjoy food more now. I would not have come this far without the assistance of Dr. Robillard’s book’s material. That material is in stark contrast to what mainstream medical professionals and drug companies are recommending as far as solutions for reflux and IBS symptoms (which really only made me feel worse of the course of several years).

“Making a lifestyle change is do-able and can solve the LPR problem”
– Mariner W.

Jeanne review on Fast Tract Digestion HeartburnI was diagnosed with LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux) in mid-August when I went to an ENT for sore throat that had been hanging on since at least last spring. I sing with a church choir and a community choir, and I was afraid that my sore throat and hoarseness was going to be the end of my singing. The doctor scoped my throat and said all was well except the redness in my throat/vocal cord area. No nodules or lesions or anything. He gave me a prescription for Prilosec to take for 6 weeks twice a day.

I had taken Prilosec 7 or 8 years ago when I weighed 75 more pounds than I do now. I had bad heartburn then and trouble swallowing, etc. Had an endoscopy done by gastroenterologist. He said I had a hiatal hernia. He put me on Prilosec and I stayed on it until 6 months after I re-joined Weight Watchers. At that point I had lost about 50 pounds and found that I didn’t need the Prilosec any more. I have stayed on Weight Watcher program, now maintaining for over 6 years. As I progressed with Weight Watchers I began to see the benefits of the whole foods approach of their Simply Filling program and had given up most processed foods long ago.

I was really surprised when the doctor said acid reflux in my throat. After taking the Prilosec for a couple of weeks, I started reading everything I could find on the internet about LPR. What I found was a huge variety of conflicting opinions about the causes and cures of LPR. The first thing I saw was the bad effects of the PPIs. I read that they really only addressed the symptoms but not the cause. I quit taking the Prilosec after two weeks. Then I started reading that LPR could be beaten by cutting carbs. At that point I had also heard suggestions from my doctor about all the things I should quit, including caffeine and acidic foods like tomatoes, oranges, etc. I was also told to quit smoking, but I had never smoked in my life. I was not overweight. I had mostly given up processed foods as a member of Weight Watchers. I started cutting carbs and everything else that was mentioned, but it was like a shotgun approach without focus. Then I read Dr. Robillard’s Fast Tract Digestion book and decided this was something do-able.

I have been following the program for 3 weeks now and most days have no sore throat at all. I still have some hoarseness, and my doctor said that part does take longer to heal. I wanted to continue following my Weight Watcher program as much as possible. The carbs that I was taking away for FTD weren’t anything I was required to have. The first week was tough. I couldn’t believe I was weighing lettuce. I chose not to eat the recipes and meal plan in the book because they included a lot of things that I gave up a long time ago and didn’t want to go back to them. Instead I used the food charts to figure out the FP numbers on the food that I normally eat and stayed within the 30 point guideline for the first week. Moved up to 40 points the second week since I was having such good results. Now I am trying to stay under 45 and have succeeded most days.

The first thing I noticed was that all the flatulence I used to deal with went away. That was an unexpected bonus. I have pretty much gotten rid of the throat pain since starting the diet. As is typical of LPR, I tend to reflux in the daytime when I’m up and about, not at night. I have not had heartburn since i lost over 70 pounds as a Weight Watchers member. The only problems I’ve had with reflux since I started Fast Tract Digestion was some throat reflux as a result of very strenuous exercise.

I am 71, 5’4″ tall, and 134 pounds, and in good health, taking no prescription meds except raloxifene for bones. My husband and I have one hike that we regularly do near home. It is short and can be done in an hour, but the first 3/4 mile is loose rock and pretty much straight up, gaining 550′ of elevation in that distance. I always have a runny nose and much throat mucous and resulting sore throat when I do this hike. This is not a problem with the diet. I think I just have to work out how much exercise is strenuous enough to cause reflux and cut back some. I had one other problem the other day. Part of Robillard’s plan is to avoid eating large volumes, better to have smaller meals more often. I ate a really big hamburger patty, no bun. I very seldom eat beef, let alone large servings. I had sore throat and discomfort for several hours. Lesson learned.

Counting this book, I have read 4 books concerning LPR. To my mind this is the only one that offered a sensible approach. When I went back to my doctor for follow-up, I told him about this plan and even showed him the food trackers to show him what I had been eating. He said he had no doubt that people could solve the problem with LPR through diet. The only problem as he could see it was that only about 2% of the people would do it. This program is not that hard to do. Surely following the plan is better than taking prescription meds with bad side effects.

Heartburn Cured

Mark Sisson review on Heartburn CuredMark Sisson, author of a #1 bestselling health book on, The Primal Blueprint: 

Robillards theory provides the most sound explanation for the growing incidence of GERD in Western society. If you have GERD, I’d encourage you to read the entire book.

Chris Kresser, author of New York Times best seller, Your Personal Paleo Code:

In his excellent book, Heartburn Cured, microbiologist Dr. Norm Robillard argues that carbohydrate malabsorption leads to bacterial overgrowth, resulting in intragrastric pressure which drives reflux.

“I believe his book will become a classic.”
– Micheal R. Eades, M.D., Co-author of New York Times Best Seller, Potein Power:

Michael R. Eades, M.D. review Heartburn Cured A biochemist friend of mine told me that he knew a microbiologist who had a theory as to why low-carb diets stopped GERD cold that involved bacterial overgrowth. I told my friend that I didn’t think that bacteria had anything to do with it, but he persisted and gave the microbiologist my email address. The microbiologist contacted me and we agreed to meet for coffee. Norm Robillard is the microbiologist and he himself has been a GERD sufferer for years. As we drank coffee he outlined for me his theory of why GERD happens and why a low-carb diet fixes it. His theory makes perfect sense, and now that I understand it, I buy into it 100 percent.

Dr. Robillard has written a book entitled Heartburn Cured that explains in detail what happens to people who are genetically predisposed to GERD when they eat too many carbohydrates and explains why restricting carbs makes it go away. The book is an excellent primer on gastroentestinal physiology written in simple terms and it should be in the library of every serious low-carber. Anyone with GERD should get a copy immediately. I have no financial affiliation with Dr. Robillard. I believe his book will become a classic. Thanks to his research and his book in several years everyone will know why GERD happens and what to do about it. I can’t recommend Heartburn Cured highly enough. — Michael R.  Eades M.D. Heartburn Cured, November 2005 Archives


“PinnacleCare Advocate Barb MacLaverty reports dramatic results from members”
Pinnacle Care, healthcare advocacy group

Pinnacle Care review on Heartburn CuredConventional Wisdom vs. New Miracle Diet Theory: Conventional dietary practices to diminish heartburn include strict elimination of spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol, fatty foods, and carbonated soft drinks. Recently, however there has been growing interest in an apparent connection between heartburn and the consumption of excess carbohydrates. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases reports, The Committee is aware of new research which indicates a controlled carbohydrate diet may dramatically reduce the incidence of gastroesophageal reflux. PinnacleCare seeks out cutting edge research and offers its Members both sides from the world of medicine: both new and tried-and-true. Many anecdotal treatments considered folly by yesterday’s physicians, such as the value of vitamins, have now become accepted by the established medical community.

In the case of the touted heartburn diet miracle (Heartburn Cured) developed by microbiologist Norm Robillard, PhD., PinnacleCare Advocate Barb MacLaverty reports dramatic results from members who have tried the diet, including her own young daughter. Dr. Robillard, himself a heartburn sufferer who sought both relief and cancer risk reduction, developed a controlled carbohydrate approach resulting in a complete cessation of his own symptoms. His heartburn research points away from trigger foods and towards a different culprit: the ability of intestinal microbes to produce large amounts of gas from carbohydrates, but not fats and proteins. In his book Heartburn Cured, Dr. Robillard shows how limiting carbohydrates in our diets can prevent microbes from producing large volumes of gas, thus eliminating acid reflux. According to PinnacleCare’s Dr. Varn, the diet’s heartburn results need further study, yet Dr. Varn sees few risk in following the diet. Reducing high carbohydrates is helpful for weight loss which is clearly a smart move to diminish heartburn.Pinnaclecare news letter