I can tell people that miracles DO happen

Testimonials - Consultation with Dr. Norm RobillardHello Dr Norm,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the help you gave me over a year ago. Also, I have something amazing to report.

I was someone who was suffering from reflux for over 5 years. After many tests, many procedures I was very close to getting surgery to attempt to get relief from the terrible suffering. I worked with your book for a few months and found it to be helpful but even then I was still suffering.

I then had a consultation with you but still I moved closer to getting surgery. I had seen a surgeon in Seattle and been evaluated and deemed a candidate for fundoplication.

During this crucial time I received an email from you relating the story of someone who had surgery and still had LPR and was revisiting the diet.

I put off scheduling the surgery and within a period of about 3 weeks found that I was doing better than I had for many years. I thought it was a fluke of some sort and expected to return to having reflux soon. Then a few weeks passed, then a few months and NOW after more than a year. I can say I have been totally reflux free for the whole time.

To make it even more unbelievable I can say that my diet has returned to what it was previously. There was even a period of a couple of weeks where I ate absolute junk . I don’t know why I did this but I was ready to return to your diet at any time and after about two weeks I quit the junk and went on my normal diet. Which is not carb restricted.

Over the last few months my diet has varied. For periods of weeks I actually ate a LOT of carbs largely in the form of breads – which I normally avoid.

One reason I have avoided writing you is that I kept expecting to need to return to carb restriction. This has not happened. I wish I could say for sure WHY I have had such a miraculous turn around. I would love to be able to share it with other people. All I know is I followed your diet for a period of months and also take large doses of Vitamin D. I had read somewhere that people have had good results with large amounts of D supplement. I have NO idea if this is why I am doing better but I can tell you it is nothing short of amazing. I have NO reflux of any kind.

I try to not eat before bed but even that rule is occasionally broken- with no reflux.

I wanted to share this story with you Dr Norm. I really appreciate the help you gave me and continue to give to those suffering from LPR. I wish my experience had some great lesson to learn from it but I cannot say what that would be. EXCEPT, I can tell people that miracles DO happen.  I was doing everything to the absolute best of my ability and from that I recovered.

I hope this email finds YOU in good health.

Kirk – Washington

I could not be happier with my decision to work with Dr. Norm!

I could not be happier with my decision to work with Dr. Norm!

I have suffered from digestive issues for what seems like forever. Thirty years ago a well-meaning doctor put me on PPI’s for acid reflux.  I was on them for way too long before someone suggested I get off them.  At one point, I was only eating gluten free oatmeal.  Everything made me sick.  I was told I had IBS-C and to eat a low residue diet!  I looked at my husband and said, “What does that mean?”

I was way too thin, too tired and too sick to even care anymore.  My daughter encouraged me to see a “real” doctor in the Boston area.  After having tubes down my nose and a breath test, I finally had a diagnosis of SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).  After five rounds of Rifaximin (Xifaxan) from April 2015 – July 2017, I finally realized antibiotics were not the answer.  No one at the “major” hospital told me how hard SIBO was to cure and that most of the time, it was a chronic, lifetime condition.  Their well-meaning nutritionists kept pushing the Monash diet on me.  Way too many carbs, fruits and sugars!!!

One night after dinner I actually looked up if you could be allergic to potatoes!! I didn’t understand what was going on, but I had the worst pain after eating potatoes and rice.  I believe that people were thinking I was crazy.  I still had reflux and upper abdominal pain, with no idea how to help myself.

Fast forward to my last visit with the GI at the “major” Boston Hospital.  The doctor, clearly frustrated with me, offered me Nortriptyline for the pain and a PPI for the reflux.  I knew enough that extended use of PPI’s is a strong contributor to SIBO!  Didn’t she know it also?  I did not know whether to laugh or cry.

That day, I realized I was going to have to find my own answers.  I got online and researched books on my condition.  I bought two books and one, thankfully, was Dr. Norm’s book, “Fast Track Digestion – IBS”.  As I read it, it was everything I was feeling.  It was as if he wrote the book for me.  I immediately started implementing his recommendations and started feeling relief.

Shortly thereafter, I started with his consultation services.  I learned about foods I did not know existed (fat bombs and cloud bread) and his recommendations were clear and easy to follow.  What I love the most is that, other than a short use of digestive enzymes, the whole process was natural and used healthy foods to heal my gut.  The FTD mobile app allowed me to always know the point value of any food, no matter where I was.

I continue to follow the protocol.  Occasionally, I test my system and have come to respect its limitations.  I know how to get myself back on track and feel great again.  No more Miralax, no more reflux, no more bloating and upper abdominal pain.  Dr. Norm was the answer to many prayers!!

Carol S – Charlestown, RI

I was SO glad I decided to be a part of his consultation program

The Best Diet for SIBO

Following is a part of her longer testimonial:

I chose to consult with Dr. Norm, as without an ileo cecal valve I feared I would be facing future issues with excess bacterial growth. He was a tremendous help in helping me dig deep into all potential underlying causes and ruling out all other detrimental considerations. I felt armed with knowledge and a full list of approaches I had never considered and even though I am a nurse I received information I had never thought about and which later came in handy when I had a couple setbacks. I was SO glad I decided to be a part of his consultation program. I highly recommend it for those struggling with difficult issues also.

Lastly, I continue to revel in the power that this has given me, and the new freedom. I have had ZERO IBS attacks since this diet…

Judy H – OR

I have my life back… GERD, heartburn and esophagitis

“I had been dealing with GERD, heartburn and esophagitis for 6 years and was about to have surgery on my hiatal hernia as a last resort when I ran across Dr. Norm’s article on how to stop heartburn without drugs by implementing the FAST TRACT DIET.

After reading the article I decided to stop taking Nexium cold turkey (it wasn’t helping anyway). After reading his book and consulting with him, I began eating the foods recommended and began feeling better within 24 hours. My symptoms rapidly improved and after 1 month my symptoms have gone.

I can now drink coffee without symptoms and have no more GERD symptoms or heartburn at night. I have my life back…

If you’re suffering from hiatal hernia or heartburn, I highly recommend the FAST TRACT DIET AND CONSULTATION WITH DR. NORM.”


In one session with Dr. Norm he changed everything for me

Consultation with Dr. Norm Robillard for IBS-D

“I have had severe IBS-D for over twenty years. I’ve seen numerous doctors and specialists. I had two colonoscopies, an endoscopy and a litany of tests over the years. No one was able to get me closer to figuring out what was going on. I’ve experienced quite a bit of anxiety and depression due to feeling like there was no hope for ever improving my symptoms.

In one session with Dr. Norm he changed everything for me. He suggested I look into the possibility of SIBO and adhesions. It turned out I tested positive for SIBO as well as needing surgery to repair my adhesions. The surgery helped alleviate my abdominal pain, and knowing I have SIBO has allowed me to focus on addressing it. Without Dr. Norm, I literally would still be casting about without the faintest clue as to what’s causing my IBS-D. I only wish I would have stumbled upon him earlier.”

PB – Colorado

It was the consultation service that made the most improvement for me

Consultation with Dr. Norm - Success Through Understanding Root CauseFor 15 years I have struggled with chronic reflux.  I have been to many doctors and specialists and have taken large ongoing doses of H2 blockers and PPI medicine over this period of time.  The medicine would work for a while but I would have to keep increasing the dose for it to remain effective.  The medicine also produced undesirable side effects.  Eventually the medicine did not work well even at large doses.

I had a Linx magnetic device inserted around my esophagus sphincter three years ago.  This was very effective in the beginning but then the reflux would return due to scar tissue interfering with the magnet.  This scar tissue was treated with a surgical endoscopic inflation of the magnetic band.  I had this inflation procedure repeated three times, always helping in the beginning with the reflux always returning.  While the surgery and the medicine always helped to control the symptoms, I could never escape the fact that the reflux would always return, for me mostly at night.

I was introduced to the work of Norm Robillard via his book “Fast Track Digestion” and began to follow this diet about one year ago.  I noticed a significant improvement in my reflux symptoms on this diet and was able to reduce my use of the reflux medicine.  While my reflux was reduced on this diet it would still return occasionally at night.

Four months ago I signed up for the consultation service and started receiving more specific advice from Dr. Norm.  With a little tweaking to my diet I made very rapid improvements and have now been two months with zero reflux and zero medication for the first time in 15 years!  More important I feel that now for the first time I am understanding the root cause of my reflux and feel that this understanding will be of enormous benefit to managing this condition in the future.

It was the consultation service that made the most improvement for me.  The suggestions I received from Dr. Norm were spot on and immediately effective.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to have this individual consultation service available.  In my case it made a big difference.  For anyone suffering from chronic reflux, I would highly recommend this consultation service and the books and theories that Dr. Norm has produced.

Joe Quigley – Pittsburgh, PA

The Changes Have Been Amazing 

IBS Testimonial for Fast Tract Diet and Dr. Norm's consultation

A few months ago I was in despair over my IBS symptoms and my overall health. Despite faithful adherence for over five years to a sugar, dairy and grain-free diet, the good health I’d hoped for hadn’t eventuated. My worst symptoms – bouts of vertigo, plus dry eyes and joint pain from Sjogren’s syndrome – had disappeared, but I was still chronically tired, weak and often dizzy. I had diarrhea, cramps and nausea most days and was so thin I was too scared to look in the mirror.

Feeling doomed after learning that I now also had osteoporosis
and dysbiosis, I discovered Dr Norm Robillard’s book ‘Fast Tract Digestion IBS’, a drug-free approach to managing IBS through diet. I read on the cover of the book that your health depends on the bacteria in your gut. Right then, there couldn’t have been a more apt statement as far as my own health was concerned, so I bought the book and started the diet, but tried not to expect too much.

In the first few days on the diet there was such a dramatic improvement in my symptoms, particularly the diarrhea, that I booked several consultations with Dr Robillard.  In these sessions I had the full benefit of the depth and range of his knowledge. He discussed possible causes indicated by my health history and suggested several tests to determine the best treatment. After every consultation I was sent specific recommendations and information to put into practice. He was sympathetic and easy to talk to and the sessions were really enjoyable.

Before starting the Fast Tract Diet

I was resigned to never being well. But in two and a half months, the changes have been amazing. I don’t have to take my car to work anymore so I can sleep in it during my lunch break. I didn’t get sick when the latest flu virus felled just about everyone in the office.  I’ve stopped most supplements without noticing anything, and above all, the dizziness, cramps and emergency trips to the bathroom have steadily diminished and are now very infrequent. I’m sure there’ll be more improvements with time.

These are big changes for me, and the first ones that, in many years trying other IBS diets, have lasted and begun to restore a sense of well-being I thought I’d lost for good. Dr Robillard’s unique research has made The Fast Tract Diet a breakthrough in the understanding and treatment of IBS and SIBO.  I would unreservedly encourage anyone with digestive issues to read the Fast Tract Digestion books and consult Dr Robillard.

J. Stanton – Sydney

Changed my life forever

Testimonial for Dr. Norm's Consultation

“Just want to thank Dr. Norm Robillard for the private sessions I had with him late in 2015. I was having symptoms of LPR and shortness of breath. When I made the appointment to consult with him, I filled out a form with my history.

He approached everything extremely scientifically and is an expert on scientific research and then pulling it all together for the individual person. For me, he totally led me in the right direction of what I needed to do to heal, and it has changed my life forever.

So thanks, Dr. Norm, for your excellent guidance in leading me to a new life. I highly recommend that anyone who is stumped do a private consult or series of consults with him. He will use his expertise to work with you in the best most scientific way to solve your issues.”

Meryl – Florida

I highly recommend anyone suffering from IBS/SIBO symptoms

Gail Snow Moraski's experience with the Fast Tract Diet“I’m an individual with a complex health history that includes cancer treatment and numerous surgeries in the abdominal and intestinal area.  As you might expect, I’ve also been treated with a variety of antibiotics post-surgery to prevent or address infection that occurred.  About 10 months ago, without warning, I found myself suddenly faced with the severe, confusing, and overwhelming symptoms of IBS/SIBO.

Because I did not want to throw any new drugs at my digestive system, I searched online for holistic/natural ways to treat these symptoms which included severe stomach rumbling, gas, bloating, cramping, severe constipation, and severe diarrhea.  I was thrilled to discover the “Fast Tract Digestion IBS” book and adopted the diet and practices almost immediately.

I also scheduled a series of consultations with Dr. Robillard because my symptoms were so severe and greatly impacting my quality of life as a result. The consults provided another turning point, beyond reading the book. Because each person’s medical history and symptom patterns are different, following the diet outlined in the book together with consultation, allowed me to make more progress.

At the suggestion of Dr. Robillard, I made a number of additional dietary changes and I’m in the process of weaning myself off proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) at Dr. Robillard’s suggestion and with my doctor’s consent.  I’ve also made the decision to avoid both pure cane sugar and artificial sweeteners since they seem to promote symptoms.

After just a couple of months of this stricter diet, I’ve seen a huge change in my symptoms.

They are less severe and less frequent.  I also rarely ever struggle with the pain I was having — it only seems to appear when I eat things that are not part of the low FP diet/routine.

Before introducing prescription drugs or antibiotics, I highly recommend that anyone suffering from IBS/SIBO symptoms read this book, follow the diet, and consult with Dr. Robillard to customize/personalize the diet for your speedy recovery.  You’ll find Dr. Robillard and his team to be very caring, knowledgeable, and committed to seeing you improve, so you spend a lot more time on the things that matter to you, and way less time worrying about and trying to control your IBS/SIBO symptoms.”

Gail Snow Moraski – MA

There is light at the end of the tunnel and I am getting my life back!

Pam's testimonial for Dr. Norm's consultation for SIBO“I was 38 years old and healthy. I was running marathons, eating a near vegan diet and had never had any issues with my weight, digestive health or foods (other than a shellfish allergy). That all changed on Jan. 4th 2013.

I noticed lower belly swelling and a really full, tight feeling in my stomach. I thought I must have eaten too much the day before or maybe I was starting my period. The swelling that started that day never stopped, and over 3 years, it would fluctuate daily, sometimes as much as 7 cm (almost 3 inches) which made wearing pants with buttons impossible.

Over the course of 3 years, I have seen:

  • 2 family doctors
  • 5 naturopaths
  • An endocrinologist
  • A dermatologist
  • 4 GIs

I have had countless tests done including:

  • Stool
  • Blood
  • Colonoscopy
  • Endoscopy
  • Muscle testing
  • Saliva testing, etc.

And everything came back normal.

Doctors looked at me like they thought I was crazy. I knew I wasn’t. I eliminated this food and that, went on a 4 day rotation diet and was at one point eating only meat. I lost 12 pounds off an already thin frame. My hair fell out (I had to wear a wig), and I had dark circles under my eyes.

Something was wrong with my body, and I would not accept the doctors with their comments of “it’s stress, you’re fine.” My family doctor finally sent me to a digestive clinic where they tested for SIBO with the lactulose breath test. I was positive. Finally, a diagnosis! I was ecstatic. I got my prescription for flagyl and was sure this digestive nightmare would be over.

10 days of flagyl antibiotic didn’t help. So I was prescribed another antibiotic, rifaximin and flagyl. 10 days of that didn’t help. I was still testing positive. Flagyl and rifaximin for 14 days was prescribed. Slight improvement for 2 weeks and then symptoms returned. I was losing sleep, devastated and desperate for help.

I found Dr. Norm’s website and at 2 am I set up a consultation with him.

I have had 6 Skype consults with Dr. Norm. He is warm and friendly, and I felt like he was on my team, not going to give up until we figured this out. I followed the Fast Tract Diet and the other written recommendations he sent after each Skype session being sure to stay in compliance with his advice.

Slowly but surely, my symptoms improved. I started implementing Dr. Norm’s advice in November 2015 and 4 months later, I am able to wear pants with buttons without having to worry I will be bursting out of them by the end of the day.

My constipation has improved, and I no longer have that awful full feeling after only a few bites of food. I am not fully healed yet, after all. This has been an over 3 year battle for me, and my intestines have been through a lot.

But, after all the specialists, diets, meds (pharmaceutical and herbal) I have tried, Dr. Norm’s recommendations and the Fast Tract Diet have helped my symptoms the most. I cannot recommend Dr. Norm enough. I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel and I am getting my life back.”

Pam, Toronto – Canada

Dr. Robillard has changed my life for the better, much better!

Business Man Jumping in Air“I have been suffering from SIBO C (Constipation type) for 2 and half years. After years of fighting SIBO I was losing hope. My symptoms were so severe that I couldn’t even work. Also, I was barely making it through the days.

In searching for answers to my SIBO, I found Dr. Robillard’s book, Fast Tract Digestion IBS. After reading the book, I decided to schedule individual consultations with Dr. Robillard because his very scientific approach appealed to me and I knew I could trust him.

My goal for the consultation was to put my SIBO C at bay and recover my motility.

His consultations have been much more than I expected.

I can say for sure that Dr. Robillard has been the most helpful practitioner thus far providing hope for restoring my digestive health. His attention to detail and the time he spends evaluating how diet and SIBO C relate to my condition is priceless.

After three months with Dr. Robillard I can say that I’m seeing the light at the end of the SIBO tunnel without drugs and antibiotics. Now I’m back to a normal life and enjoying my low FP diet lifestyle. Also, my motility has been steadily improving and a smile is coming back to my face every morning!

I highly recommend consultation with Dr. Robillard because his knowledge is really deep and he understands what is going on behind the scenes of our digestive system and the human microbiome. Dr. Robillard has changed my life for the better, much better!”

Hector G. , Tokyo – Japan

Conquering heartburn at 4000 feet on the Chilkoot Trail

Testimonials for Dr. Robillard's consultationDear Dr. Robillard:

After receiving several nutritional consults from you and reading your newest book, Fast Tract Digestion, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your work addressing heartburn and GERD.

Last December I started your diet after many debilitating months of GERD.  I am a middle-aged, long distance runner and had to quit running because of the pain from heartburn and the burning sensation in my throat after my work-outs.  My physician prescribed a high dosage of Nexium, but the drug left my stomach feeling bloated and I experienced side effects including rashes.

By December, I was really depressed about having my chronic condition and being forced to end a sport I loved when I came across your first book, Heartburn Cured.   I have to say I was pretty skeptical that reducing carbs in my diet would help, but I tried it and within several days was feeling definite relief.

A week later I started running again.

I’ll admit it took some adjusting to alter my past lifestyle of high-carbs and sugar, but it’s been so worth it in terms of GERD relief and general health!

Also, your second book, Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn, offers many options not articulated in your first book, including an emphasis on green, leafy vegetables along with certain, friendlier carbs such as Jasmine Rice. This past Sunday I completed a very difficult 35 mile mountainous run on the Chilkoot Trail.  It ascends nearly 4000 feet on rock and snow and at the pass crosses into Canada from Alaska.  I ran this strenuous route two years ago; last fall I was certain I would never be able to complete such a rigorous event again, and truly I have you to thank.


Juneau, Alaska

Anne’s recipe for Jasmine Energy Balls

This is a tasty option to Energy Bars for athletes.  It’s loosely taken from a Runner’s Magazine, Paleo article recipe.  I modified it with ingredients found in Fast Tract Digestion.  This was my main food intake on the 35 mile Chilkoot run.

Use a slow rice cooker to prepare jasmine rice. Blend ground pecans, walnuts, almonds, chopped dates and a bit of cinnamon into the rice keeping the rice as fluffy as possible.  Form into balls slightly larger than golf balls and roll in a small amount of crushed Special K (NR: you might substitute this for Rice Checks, lower FP). Wrap tightly in plastic wrap.