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FODMAP Approach vs. Fast Tract Diet – Q & A

I recently received some interesting and direct questions from T-J on the differences between the Fast Tract Diet and the FODMAP approach. Here are the questions and answers. You might also be interested in my article on SIBO Diets. 2018 Update Mike Sweeney, RD (Registered Dietitian) in UK did an evaluation on the Fast Tract [...]

Bacteria-eating viruses kill C diff – An alternative to antibiotics?

Thanks to Bruce Miller, who posts on this site, for bringing this article, "Discovery of virus that 'eats' bacteria that causes C.diff could spell the end for hospital superbug", to my attention. Let's take a look at this research. Could treatment with viruses really "spell the end" for C. diff? Dr. Martha Clokie, at Leicester’s [...]

By |2016-11-05T04:26:33-04:00October 18th, 2013|Diet and Digestive Health|3 Comments

Why So Many People Take PPIs?

In Dr. Mike Eades' latest blog, GERD Treatment: Nutrition vs Drugs, he highlights a video presentation by a Dr. Johnson, an academic gastroenterologist from a medical school in Virginia who advises other doctors to ignore the risks of PPIs. Mike and I have been on the same page on both the risks of PPIs and the [...]

How do you know your food is safe?

Looking at the label is the first thing many people do to assess food safety. Most foods carry labels such as “sell by”, “use by”, or “best before”.  Many people believe that food is not safe if consumed past these dates. A recent Time Magazine article by Alexandra Sifferlin cites a report from the Natural [...]

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