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We recently launched the Fast Tract Diet Official Facebook Discussion Group. If this sounds interesting to you, please read the book, Fast Tract Digestion IBS or Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn,  join the group and start posting!

Our mission as a group is to help 10 million people (this also includes YOU) with functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs) regain their health while getting off drugs and avoiding antibiotics. We also encourage dialogue on any and every aspect of digestive health and related topics.

The focus of this group

1. Discuss the ideas, practices and low FP foods and recipes presented in the Fast Tract Digestion books.

2. Share information, experiences and tools that will promote natural healing and inspire us all to have more informed conversations with our friends, family and medical practitioners.

3. Encourage ourselves to seek out Dietary, Behavioral and Holistic Approaches (DBHAs) instead of reaching for a prescription as an easy solution.

Our progress will be measured one person at a time early on. But, we feel confident that we can drive this change on a much larger scale based on:
• The sheer number of people affected
• The realization that gut microbiota and diet are at the core of the problem
• The growing evidence that the drugs used to treat these conditions don’t address the underlying causes yet have side effects and carry long term health risks.

Everything on this page is open for discussion and subject to improvement.

Who We Are Not

We are NOT at war with drug companies or doctors. Most of us will or have benefited at one point or another from modern medicines, particularly as we age. But since the ultimate measure of progress is regaining our health, applying scientific principles to DBHAs can be very effective with minimal risk.

This noble mission can be only realized and accomplished by your help and genuine participation.

We look forward to seeing you there!