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The Fast Tract Digestion IBS ebook is now available on Amazon (Update: The print book is also available through the Digestive Health Institute)!

What Really Causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and How Best To Treat It?

If you suffer from IBS, you are not alone. IBS affects up to 50 million people in the US. The small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) diet in the book is science-based and designed to eliminate the symptoms of IBS.

This book is about a ground-breaking science-based diet and behavioral recommendations that address the real cause of IBS. The Fast Tract Diet will help you eliminate drugs and remain symptom free for life.

The book covers conventional treatments and the following medicines that do not address the real cause yet carry significant side effects and health risks.

  • Laxatives
  • Anti-diarrhea medications
  • Antacids
  • Pain relievers
  • Prescription drugs

The risks of off-label-use of antibiotics is also examined.

SIBO  is the cause of IBS. The maldigestion of 5 difficult-to-digestive carbohydrates leads to SIBO and its symptoms. IBS is NOT caused by psychological stress, hormones, or faulty neurotransmitters.

The Fast Tract Diet is based on Fermentation Potential (FP) and behavioral recommendations that minimize maldigestion, SIBO and the symptoms of IBS. FP is a novel mathematical formula to determine the symptom potential of any food.

“The Fast Tract Diet is superior to other diets including Paleo, FODMAP, Low Starch, Low Carb, Specific Carb, and Elemental diets” (foreword from Michael R. Eades. M.D.), which are closely examined in the book. Over forty recipes including snacks and desserts are all made with low FP foods. Over 300 foods and their symptom potential are listed in the FP tables in the back of the book.

The Fast Tract Diet is based on solid and extensive research and the latest developments in medical science. The Fast Tract Diet limits difficult to digest foods that promote SIBO so you can eliminate your symptoms altogether or at least reduce them to an absolute minimum.

IBS is linked to:

  • acid reflux
  • celiac disease
  • asthma
  • restless leg syndrome
  • rosacea and several other conditions

SIBO is the common connection. Addressing SIBO with this diet offers benefits that go well beyond IBS.

Feel better with Fast Tract Digestion IBS without drugs or antibiotics.