Sam overcoming LPR - Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn

I am symptom free thanks to the Fast Tract Diet

 – Sam Tipton-Hammonds

After suffering with LPR for two years, I am symptom free thanks to the Fast Tract Diet. By eliminating all of the five carb groups – after figuring out which foods fit into which group – and adding them back in one at a time over the last few days, I’ve discovered that I cannot eat grains (regardless of if they’re gluten free or not) or dairy. Without these in my diet I have no post nasal drip, no phlegmy throat and no globus sensation. Thank you Norm, I am so grateful for your book and app.






Fast Tract Diet for LPRThe Fast Tract Diet healed my throat (LPR) as long as I stuck to it!

– Josef Urban

Long story short, I’m a “professional” voice user and 3 years ago started losing my voice in the middle of speaking engagements, and even came down with a vocal nodule. The pain was intense and persistent. I almost lost everything since I depend on my voice for a living.

After much agony I discovered it was LPR (silent reflux). It was devastating and I tried everything you can think of. At first when I tried the Fast Tract Diet I didn’t notice much of a difference as I still had constant throat pain. This was after 2 months on the diet. I was ready to give up. But then I re-read the book and decided to give it another try.

This time I consumed only half the amount of allotted points per day, just 10-15 FP points per day. After 3 weeks my throat was almost back to normal. This was after YEARS of trying every medical and home remedy I could discover through intensive research, all to no avail. My digestive system was terrible due to much international travel and stomach infections and rounds of antibiotics so I needed a much more strict application of the diet to see results.

Since then I’ve reintroduced foods and the throat sensibility has its ups and downs. But now it’s much more manageable. I’m currently on a highly nutritious, organic superfood and raw food diet and am feeling better. I think the Fast Tract diet gave my gut a chance to recuperate and I’m getting better as time goes on.

I’m a big fan of Norm’s logic as articulated in the Fast Tract Digestion book. At least I know that prior to any demanding speaking engagement I can cut off the FP a few weeks ahead of time and get my throat back to its strength. I’m not healed completely, but the diet has helped me manage what was previously an unmanageable condition and I’m back to preaching and speaking as a full time ministry/job.

I went to over 10 doctors, went through voice therapy and resonant voice training, etc. etc. and nothing helped as much as this. I have lots of details but just wanted to encourage others out there that there is hope even for the WORST cases of LPR. Other things have helped a lot as well, such as inhaling steam vapor 3 times a day for 20 minutes each time to rinse and massage my vocal cords. Also eating lots of whole meal salads with organic chicken and green leafy veggies. Also, cutting down on gastro irritants such as coffee (though I still drink a cup or two every day).

The Fast Tract Diet is not a permanent fix for me as I need to eat as nutritiously as possible, and it limits some nutrition (certain fruits and amounts of veggies). But the theory worked in my case AND I HAD THE MOST STUBBORN CASE OF LPR I’ve ever heard of. Give it a try folks, and if it doesn’t work, try what I did. Cut it down to 10-15 FP points per day and stick to it STRICTLY for a month and I’m sure you’ll see results. Then slowly work your way up to more FP points little by little as you stick to healthy foods and whole meal, homemade salads while eating living and fermented foods that heal the gut.

Josef is a member of the Fast Tract Diet Official Discussion Group on Facebook.