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Unnecessary tests and prescriptions doing us harm








An “epidemic of misinformation” has led to patients receiving unnecessary tests and prescriptions – and being diagnosed and treated for conditions that will never cause them harm. “A culture of ‘more is better’ has put the onus on doctors to do something at every consultation” Great quote by Dr Aseem Malhotra in this excellent article by Michelle O’Connor.


Nexium, the costliest drug in the Medicare Program

Costly, ineffective for half or all who use it and bad for your health. Help us change this by spreading the word. There is a better and safer way to treat acid reflux, the Fast Tract Diet, a drug free safe and effective way of eating.


Red Meat for Babies?

Marinated SteakTips resized







As my grandfather (1900 – 1992) asked me when my son was just over a year old: “Is he getting enough good red meat?”…/


Dr. Michael Eades Going Against the Grain

EadesDoctor Michael Eades was a key role model for me when I first started writing about diet and digestive health. Karen Thompson’s excellent article highlights the history and some of the challenges Mike faced from conventional wisdom (low fat, high carb) doctors as he and his wife and co-author Dr. Mary Dan Eades developed the ideas that lead to the best selling book Protein Power.

Some doctors even wrote to his publisher stating that if they published the book they would “be responsible for the deaths of many people.” Mike and Mary Dan went on to defend their ideas and publish Protein Power. Since then millions of people, including myself gained a better understanding of the biochemistry and health benefits of limiting dietary carbohydrates.


Brains and Microbes











Gut bacteria modulate serotonin levels and even produce it.…/150409143045.htm


Fasting Regenerates Immune System

Interesting study, but this statement from Chris Mason, Professor of Regenerative Medicine at UCL made me laugh: “But I think the most sensible way forward would be to synthesize this effect with drugs. I am not sure fasting is the best idea. People are better eating on a regular basis.”







A lesson in how to avoid the “dangers” of natural medical solutions by switching to a drug that does the same thing.


Improving Fat Malabsorption







Though I don’t agree with the last statement in the article (Doesn’t stomach acid cause heartburn? As a matter of fact, 90% of people with heartburn suffer from to little stomach acid! – This idea is debunked here), here is a simple overview of ways to reduce fat malabsorption.


Where Does it Hurt?

Where does it hurt









Pretty Cool Image. Of course, check with your doctor to confirm your suspicion.



Tainted eggs






“Workers knowingly shipped eggs with false processing and expiration dates to fool state regulators and retail customers about their age and bribed a U.S. Department of Agriculture inspector at least twice to approve sales of poor-quality eggs”

Divine intervention?






Enjoy this interesting article by the Diet Doctor.…


Feedback from Japan

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Wejust received some great feedback from Hector in Tokyo – Thanks Hector!


What Did Food Used to Look Like?

old food









Some high and low carb foods before agriculture.


Our New Cause. Helping People Put Down the Pill Bottle

Bath, United Kingdom - May 4, 2011: Close-up of the Facebook homepage displayed on a LCD computer screen with silhouette of a man's head and hand out of focus in the foreground.

Bath, United Kingdom – May 4, 2011: Close-up of the Facebook homepage displayed on a LCD computer screen with silhouette of a man’s head and hand out of focus in the foreground.










We need help your help Fast Tract Dieters. Let’s get 10 million people off of drugs and onto our diet. Look forward to seeing you there. Thanks!








Interesting article by Kris Gunnars. Has anyone tried this and what do you think?…/


Why are doctor visits for functional gut disorders so frequent?



Here’s a hint.


Full Fat Dairy Healthier Than Low Fat

Full Fat Dairy









No argument here.


Salt to Fight Infections








Whenever I had a sore throat as a kid, my dad always said “did you gargle with salt water?” Thanks to Dr. Richard K. Bernstein for sharing this interesting report.