Why Does The Fast Tract Diet Work for Asthma?Some of our readers of the Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn book have reported that the Fast Tract Diet dramatically reduced their asthmatic symptoms. And they are wondering why the diet for gut issues works for asthma?

Connection between GERD and Asthma

There is every reason to expect improvements in Asthma on the Fast Tract Diet. The reason involved the strong connection between GERD and asthma. Up to 80% of asthmatics suffer from GERD. Clearly something in reflux triggers or exacerbates asthma. We know this because a fundoplication operation which controls reflux significantly improves both asthma and reflux symptoms in asthmatics who have GERD. The operation also reduces medicine usage for asthma.

While stopping reflux helps control asthma, it’s not due to stomach acid in reflux

We know this because large clinical trials showed that Nexium (a powerful proton pump inhibitor that drastically reduces stomach acid) did not help children with asthma at all. To learn more, refer to my blog article, Acid Reflux Asthma Link – Explained. The inescapable conclusion is that something else in reflux other than acid is triggering asthma. Digestive enzymes, gut bacteria and / or bile are the most likely candidates. To control asthma, you must control reflux.

Here is the good news

Invasive and risky fundoplication operations which carry dramatic side effects are not necessary for asthma and GERD. The Fast Tract Diet  is designed to control reflux (both acid and non-acid components) by limiting fermentable carbohydrates. This is the reason that the diet has improved both their GERD and why it will almost certainly improve asthma as well.

If you, your friends or family suffer from asthma, give the diet a try by reading the Fast Tract Digestion Heartburn and putting the diet into action by using the Fast Tract Diet mobile app.