Fast Tract Diet for bloating

I have terrible bloating. Does the Fast Tract Diet help? If so, how?

Bloating is one of the most common symptoms reported by people visiting their doctor or gastroenterologist. The most common cause is excess gas produced by bacteria in either the small (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, SIBO) or large (dysbiosis) intestine.

The bloat-causing gas is a mixture of hydrogen, carbon dioxide and sometimes methane. Overgrowing bacteria (and Archeae organisms in the case of methane) produce gas through a process called fermentation.

The major source of food for these microbes is undigested or malabsorbed carbohydrates.

There are several types of carbs that are most likely to be malabsobed leading to excess fermentation, gas and bloating. This is where the Fast Tract Diet comes to the rescue. The diet systematically limits the most hard-to-digest fermentable carbs that drive a variety of GI symptoms including bloating. Though bloating is one of the most common and often painful symptoms, it’s also the easiest one to treat.

Adopting the Fast Tract Diet should provide rapid relief from bloating because you are placing your gas producing gut microbes on a diet so to speak. Most people report dramatic improvement in only a few days on the diet.