Constipation, SIBO and Methane - Fast Tract DietConstipation Tips

New research shows a definitive cause and effect relationship between methane-positive SIBO (a more correct term would be IAO for Intestinal Archaea Overgrowth, and there is no evidence Archaea overgrowth is limited to the small intestine) and constipation. But there are many other things that can result in constipation. Here are some steps you can take for relief.

7 steps you can take to address constipation:

1. Review listed side effects for any medicines or supplements you are taking as many cause constipation.

2. Increase your overall water intake. You don’t want your body removing water from your stools so stay well hydrated.

3. Make sure you have adequate fat in your diet. Fats increase how fast food moves through the digestive tract.

4. Reduce (not increase) fiber in your diet. Fiber makes constipation worse not better.

5. Reduce the overall amount of fermentable carbs in your diet by following the Fast Tract Diet. The biggest reason is to reduce hydrogen gas that actually feeds the microbes that produce methane.

6. Increase your intake of magnesium rich foods within the limit of your daily fermentation potential (FP) including: nuts, seeds, dark leafy greens and fatty fish.

7. Try magnesium citrate when constipation occurs.