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This is how I overcame IBS-D, Gastritis and LPR

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  • This is how I overcame IBS-D, Gastritis and LPR with the Fast Tract Diet

This is how I overcame IBS-D, Gastritis and LPR


Hi, I am Michele.

My journey with the Fast Tract Diet came about after more than thirty years of gut issues

During that time I had experienced three major episodes of food poisoning (one requiring a week in hospital), three ulcers, frequent gastritis and goodness knows how many bouts of gut infections. The most debilitating symptom had been IBS-D. It controlled every aspect of my life.

I don’t know what the catalyst was to cause me to look for a new diet. FODMAPs had provided some relief but in 2016, my IBS-D got more frequent. I was eating something that wasn’t agreeing with me and reached the stage where anything could set me off – even water!

Family started to worry

I began to fear eating. I took Imodium to get me through important meetings and then upper GI issues kicked in. This time around my Doc was reluctant to prescribe antibiotics as my H Pylori breath test was negative. She’s a pretty tuned in Doc compared to some and thought I could try a stricter version of FODMAPs and take probiotics.

The latter made my IBS-D worse, and my gastritis was getting more painful despite me cutting back on more FODMAPs. She prescribed PPIs for a short period (up to a month) but after 3 weeks I stopped as my googling had encouraged me to ditch all meds and start the Fast Tract Diet. It was the only one that made any sense, and I liked that it was written by a microbiologist and was based on science, not supposition.

My IBS-D went within a week

I started the Fast Tract Diet in September 2016. IBS-D went within a week. Upper GI issues (like heartburn) went some weeks later but LPR was the toughest. I began to feel much better after two months although I still had some ups and downs. I had a setback after four months (following an injury and many prescribed meds) but got back on track after a month or so.

Beyond the six month mark things got much easier. Having kept points to well under 20 at first (eating predominantly proteins, fats and above ground veggies) I became able to relax my points. This meant adding nuts, a little dark chocolate, wine and a greater variety of sauces.

More than a year on and my symptoms are under control. Friends say ‘but aren’t you completely cured? Well, we all have a unique gut microbiome and mine doesn’t like large volumes of veggies, fruit juice or sugary/starchy foods. So if I went back to eating them, I’d get sick again. But if I eat what works for me and stick to the behavioral protocols of the diet, I enjoy a life that’s free of gut issues.

I cannot express how wonderful it is to no longer plan my outings around toilets or fear that supper will cause me to wake up choking

I love cooking and eating! I eat ample protein, lots of healthy fat and restrict fermentable carbs. I enjoy small portions of a wide variety of veggies and many rich sauces. I enjoy nuts and seeds and ample treats (like dark chocolate, cream and wine) and don’t feel at all deprived. I’ve been able to adapt so many recipes and enjoy swapping tips and recipes with others on the Fast Tract Diet Facebook Group.

I used to think I was lactose intolerant but like many fermentable starches, lactose was just another one that needed restricting, not eliminating. So now I enjoy many hard cheeses, mascarpone, yoghurt and cream.

Unlike some advice I had, to restrict acidic food, this has not been an issue for me. I enjoy coffee with cream, spicy foods and vinegar/citrus dressings.

I no longer take supplements or medication for gastric issues

I know there are other diets out there that have helpful elements but the Fast Tract Diet has what I believe are key elements: the points system (so you can take account of the cumulative effect of what you eat, the restriction (but not elimination) of all fermentable carbs and the behavioral protocols.

I shall be forever grateful that Dr. Norm Robillard pursued his research and developed the Fast Tract Diet. It’s a great way to eat and I’m continually grateful to have my life back.

Action steps to get rid of IBS-D and other digestive health This is how I overcame IBS-D, Gastritis and LPRissues:

  1. Read the Fast Tract Digestion IBS book

  2. Get the Fast Tract Diet Mobile App for Android or iPhone/iPad

  3. Join the Fast Tract Diet (Official) Group on Facebook

Need help for your specific case of IBS and / or related health issues?

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About the Author:

Norman Robillard, Ph.D., is a microbiologist and researcher who spent 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry before founding the Digestive Health Institute. His goal is to develop holistic treatments for digestive illnesses based on a clear understanding of the underlying causes of disease. Norm was the first to recognize a connection between bacteria in our intestines, nutritional malabsorption and the symptoms of acid reflux. Based on his extensive research, he created the clinically proven Fast Tract Diet, a safe and effective alternative to proton pump inhibitor (PPI) and H2 blocking drugs. Fast Tract Digestion books are now available for Heartburn and IBS on the books page. Bacterial overgrowth fueled by nutritional malabsorption is a factor in several other digestive health conditions. Research in this area is the main focus of the DHI. Additional versions of Fast Tract Digestion are in the works for a number of these conditions. Norm received his Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and completed post-doctoral training at Tufts University.

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  1. SAN December 18, 2017 at 3:30 am

    How long did it take for the gastritis to resolve? and how did you know you had it?

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