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    I went on a 10 day transformational cleanse and that really started to shift it for me. There was so much Chlorella in the programme that my poop was green but as long as it was softly exiting I didn’t mind the colour.
    Do take a look here
    This might help too
    Another great technique is a stomach exercise recommended by Staff Naturopath Michael Wohlfeld:

    Stand up straight then bend straight over and rest hands on thighs.
    Take a few deep breaths, and then exhale all air.
    Now pull in the stomach and try to have it touch the diaphragm.
    Now push back all the way out and repeat this 2-10 times or as many as you can without taking a breath.
    Repeat this entire exercise 5-10 times and this really massages the intestines increasing mobility.

    purple ann
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    I suffered with constipation for years to the extent that I ended up with an annal fissure. Having been through two pregnancies I know that this is infinitely more painful than child birth. I have tried so many different solutions and it really has taken me till now to find one that works.
    I cut out all sugary foods and stopped taking laxatives.
    Now I have introduced Chlorella into my diet and what a transformation. Apparently it works
    by enhancing the natural contractions of the intestinal walls;
    supplies cellulose, a form of undigestible fibre and it
    promotes the rapid growth of beneficial bacterior in the gut
    I really hope that this helps you as it has helped me do let me know if it helps you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)