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    Hi all. I wondered if anyone else has experienced gas in the stomach region while on the low carb diet. After I wake in the mornings but still lying in bed, I’m aware of some popping, gurgling and audible wind noises in the stomach region. I feel it below the ribs and often to the left side more. This symptom was intermittent and coincided with becoming aware that my stomach was starting to make more acid as I took less and less Nexium. After I tried eating some fermented cabbage, which I had read was a good way to introduce more good bacteria to the gut, and at the same time tried a new organic unsweetened yoghurt that had a few different strains of bacteria in it than my usual yoghurt the wind has become a daily occurrence but doesn’t last long. I stopped the fermented veges and new yoghurt after three days to see if that would eliminate this wind but it has persisted for a couple of weeks so far.

    It occurred to me the wind could be indicative of activity in the small intestine in which case I may have taken a backward step for some reason.

    On the other hand, I know for a fact that candida symptoms worsen as the die-off begins so would it be ridiculous to assume this wind might be the death throes of some of the bacteria in the small intestine? Not sure if I should view this symptom in a positive or negative light. Has anyone else experienced this particular symptom?

    My LPR symptoms are almost always present but fluctuate in discomfort levels.

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