Fast Tract Diet for SIBO Forum Fast Tract Diet Q&A Will this diet work for bloating even without SIBO?

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    I had a SIBO test a few years ago and it came back completely negative, since then I’ve had a Nissen Fundiplocation and reflux has gone. However the bloat is a lot worse. I knew this could happen going in. I’ve tried the FODMAP diet with moderate success but not to full success.

    I’ve done stool tests that indicate I have Dysbiosis, even though I’ve taken probiotics for years. It said I have basically no Lactobiphillus. I’ve also had a test that said I have mild Leaky gut. However I’m not convinced the so called “leaky gut” could cause the amount of bloating I experience. I literally look 6 months pregnant most evenings.

    So do you think this diet will still work?

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