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    I am almost done with week 2, and doing better and better! My gas is 95% gone, and my bloating is gone! I am still having some burping, so I am guessing it is better to wait to introduce new foods until the burping is gone/near gone? I found an english muffin with a GI of 100, a carb count of 50 grams and 2 grams of fiber. This measures up pretty well on Norm’s FP calculator. It does have BUTTERMILK as the 2nd ingredient which seems to provide it with protien. Does that mean it won’t be safe as far as lactose goes? I keep finding that buttermilk is kind of predigested? The product has 5 grams of sugar, but the sugar is listed AFTER the yeast so I think the added sugar is limited and the sugar is coming from the buttermilk. Any thoughts?

    I would love to know of some commercial or other breads that people have tollerated after the two weeks?? Dying for a bit of baguette! None in 2 years!!

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    First breads I could eat after the two weeks were English Muffins (Thomas brand plain white, started with just a half) and baguette (make sure to weigh or measure- the piece will be smaller than you expect). Then came Naan and light rye.

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