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    Any thoughts on the FP of freshly squeezed vegetable juice? I am talking moderate FP vegetables (celery, cucumber, ginger, greens, maybe carrot). Since all the fibre is removed by the juicing the FP should be much lower than the whole vegetable, plus the juice is meant to be absorbed really quickly and so the GI should be higher than the whole vegetable. But you tend to need a lot of veg to make one cup of juice, so the quantities are high.

    I’m thinking of giving it a go but am pretty scared of the consequences! I know I should start slow, with maybe half a cup, but even that makes me nervous. So I was just wondering if anyone out here had any experience themselves.

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    Its early days for me with trying this approach, but I was having lots of carrot juice before I came across this diet,as I thought it would be nutricious and easy to digest when I had acute gastritis, but I think it actually caused major reaction.In fact it was during a sleepless night after lots of it that I spent hours researching and downloaded this book!Yet plenty of sites recommend it due to low acid.

    Norm Robillard
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    Hi hazymandolin,
    Good question. You are partially correct about removing fiber. Only some portion (possibly the majority) of the insoluble fiber is removed, but all of the soluble fiber remains. To be on the safe side, I recommend adding the FPs for all veggies going into the juice and using that value as the FP for the juice.

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