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    I’ve had a bad gag reflex for years, which I now realize is probably caused by LPR. That makes it very difficult to swallow pills. Others probably have the same trouble, so I though I should share the methods I’ve learned.

    I find it much easier to swallow pills while eating instead of drinking. It seems with food my throat is more prepared for something big, and doesn’t resist. I chew a bite of food until I’m ready to swallow, then pop the pill in between chewing motions and it goes right down without a thought.

    But there are some pills I have to take on an empty stomach. If I do the chewing motion with an empty mouth, and sneak the pill in, it still works even though there’s no food! I do need some water and a few minutes between pills, but it’s much easier than the usual way.

    I hope that helps others!

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