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    Hi there everyone,

    I am about 1.5 weeks into Fast-Tract. A couple of blunders on the way however my gut is feeling pretty happy 🙂

    Before fast tract I used to be on a modified version of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for a couple of years which was in some ways helpful. I did reintroduce some fermented brown rice and sour dough rice bread about a year ago. This was after things settled down a bit but I dropped it out overnight after reading the Fast Tract Diet and discovering this grain has a significantly high FP. Q. I am assuming even cultured/fermented brown rice has a high FP like standard unfermented brown rice? Is that right??)

    The other thing I notice since beginning Fast Tract is that my bowel movements have slowed right down! In one way that may not be such a bad thing. My poop is the same consistancy on the FTD however there seems to be a big reduction in stool volume. Really weird. Almost feel I need some kind of laxative (or resistant fibre which I can’t have) which I’m a little reluctant to do. Prior to Fast-Tract I would typically go once per day in the morning and my stools were moderate in size. (Before SCD they were very loose, unformed and fatty yet the more I reduce carbs the firmer and more normal they become). The only mistake I think I have been doing, cos of the nature of my work requiring high energy, was consume about double or triple the amount of Jasmine rice recommended on the FT Diet. Maybe that has been slowing everything down too much?? Other than that the reduced stool volume is a bit of a mystery to me. I am wondering if it’s cos of the reduced resistant fibre or something else. Has anyone had similar experiences?? Any tips?


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    Anytime there is a major change to the diet, the gut has to re-adjust. Less volume is not a bad thing as long as you are going fairly regularly (you are now digesting and absorbing your food, whereas fiber in is just fiber out). Make sure to eat a LOT of greens (even put it in my smoothies and my omlets), lots of low FP veggies, and drink lots of water. Magnesium citrate can help move things along as you transition, if you are backed up. I did have some constipation when I transitioned from high whole grain fiber to the FT diet, but once gut adjusted I go just as much and just the right consistency as I did before.

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    Hi Jeffo
    I agree with Jaeme. You can read for more info about how we have over relied on fiber which dramatically effects stool volume and how that is problematic. More green veggies, more olive oil and other healthy fats, lots of water, and I take a magnesium supplement (I take oxide because I tend towards constipation, others take more absorbable forms in higher dosages, I may try that as well, such as malate, glyconate, or citrate). WAter loading in the morning: When you first wake, drink two glasses of very warm water, and be sure you can relax for 15 minutes after that. This will stimulate paristalsis, and if you are not rushing, will be very helpful.

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