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    I’ve learned a lot from this website, the book, and fellow forum members – thanks to all!

    Would an esophageal manometry and a 24-hour pH test detect LPR? Does anyone else have eustachian tube contractions?

    Here’s my story if you’d like to know:
    I’ve been on the Fast Track plan for almost a week while I wean off omeprazole – weaning off to prepare for the pH test. My symptoms began in the fall after a 3-week course of antibiotics for a positive Lyme’s test.

    I believe that I have LPR, perhaps caused by SIBO after the antibiotics: A “lung squeezing” sensation (they gave me a pulmonary function test and a chest x-ray), early satiety, sternum pressure, vague pain in my throat area, constant eustachian tube contractions (anyone else get those?), bloating, and holy cow, endless burping! Eating became extremely traumatic.

    Endoscopy, barium swallow, h-pylori were normal. Ultrasound showed fluid in the stomach even after fasting for 8 hours (dr. didn’t seem too concerned), and gastric emptying was normal although on the high end of normal. Larnyx slightly inflammed. I also have the bolus sensation, but I’ve had that for about ten years now – I’m guessing I may have had LPR for all that time but it just intensified after the antiobiotics.

    Although no one officially diagnosed me with GERD and none of my tests indicated GERD, I was told to take omeprazole, which I refused to do for nearly a month but eventually capitulated. Admittedly, I felt better after about a week, and gained back some of the weight I had lost. I’ve been to two ENTs, three GI doctors, and a pulmonologist. I’m pretty much at my wit’s end and have had to figure out a lot of stuff on my own. Now they want to do the esophageal manometry and a 24-hour pH test.

    I haven’t seen much improvements in my symptoms on the Fast Track plan, but that is probably because I’m weaning off the PPIs! Who knows how much worse things would be if I were eating my normal diet! I’m basically on a sushi rice and hard boiled egg diet while I experience the joys of acid rebound until my levels normalize. 🙂

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