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    Hi. I’ve bought the e-book, read it, and the rationale seems sound — more sound than anything else I can find online or anything my doctor has told me.

    I’ve had IBS moderately for years but severe for the last 8 months, with a lot of pain and diarrhea after eating. I got an endoscopy and it showed I have a hiatal hernia and some inflammation of the stomach and of the esophagus that might be Barretts (waiting on the biopsy). But my colon is fine. Thing is… I don’t really suffer from heartburn at all. Never have. Only IBS.

    The doctors are trying to push PPIs on me, but these GIVE me heartburn, paradoxically! I’m thinking of giving the diet a try. Now if it helps with the IBS I’ll know. But having asymptomatic GERD, how will I know if it helps with that? Also, is the diet absolutely incompatible with PPIs? I suppose one could eat like this while on one, right?

    Does anybody have any insight into what I’m describing and whether I might benefit from the FTD or an FTD-like diet?


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