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    Hello all!
    I was wondering if anyone, or Dr.Robillard is familiar with or has been diagnosed with Superior mesenteric artery syndrome.
    I have had gut issues for years, but they flared up a few months ago and I was all of a sudden unable to eat much of anything, had pain very shortly after eating, and heartburn all of a sudden became an issue. CT scans demonstrate that I have developed superior mesenteric artery syndrome, which is a loss of perinatal fat around the artery, that compresses the duodenum causing this pain. The solution they think, is to increase weight but it’s hard when you have pain to begin with!
    I am now on a liquid diet blending foods that are safe ( I think), and I try to follow a SIBO friendly diet doing so, but I need help gaining this weight safely and without pain.
    Anyway I was wondering if anyone has experienced this issue or has any ideas. I am hoping that the Fast Track diet will help me gain weight but I have to blend foods for awhile as I am in a lot of pain if I don’t.

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    I am hoping to schedule a consultation with Dr.Robillard for this, but am unsure if this diet is the right track to go in order to heal this issue or if I have to heal the SMA syndrome first, as he mentions addressing underlying issues in his book.

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    Hi there
    I know you wrote this ages ago (on my birthday to be exact), but your story sounds just like mine!!! Have you found any relief? I am desperate. Hope you are better and happy.

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