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    From what i can understand there are two type of silent refluxers or LPR sufferers. Those who have visible areas of damage from acid reflux in their throat and those who do not. If you want to go a step further, you can say there are those who do not have reflux damage but who test above average on the Bravo types tests, and those who test normal. So I guess its the final group whose diagnostic markers seem to suggest an etiology somewhat distinct from the rest. For it is this group that has the best evidence that reflux, in its classic fluid form, from the best we can measure, is not playing a role in the symptoms of the super silent sufferers if you will. Pepsin seems to be ‘the agent of suspicion” for these folks. I mention this here Dr since I hope you and others in the holistic world might take a longer look at this group of folks. For instance any idea how many of us their are? I am not suggesting the diet may not be equally effective for the super silents necessarily, but it might be nice to try to form some study, perhaps a self reporting model, where we try to gather data to see if the diet is working as well for them as the other groups. Alkaline water is getting a little bit of a buzz this group as a way to disable pepsin. Certainly pepsin research seems like a goal worthy of pushing for from our perspective. I am thrilled by your idea, and will be taking on the diet shortly. Also thanks for providing a forum, it is an extremely positive indicator in your attitude towards some interaction with your readers and I appreciate the heck out of that


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    Hi Matt
    I am intruged by your post and still trying to understand it. Are you saying that those with super silent reflux are not producing enough pepsin? Or too much? I treat with a Chinese Medicine doctor that would ask one level deeper, that being, why is the body producing too much pepsin to begin with? I don’t have classic heartburn symptoms, but have burping (is this a silent reflux symptom?) and sternum pressure. I also have ocular rosacea, and had gas and bloating. The gas and bloating are near gone, unless I eat something I am not ready for, the rosacea and my skin in general are improving, and my sternum pressure is mostly gone. So I am looking at a lot of different symptoms that are decreasing over the past two + months (not all of them silent reflux, but also non of them classic reflux). I agree it would be interesting to somehow track the silent group.

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