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  • simply6daisies
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    Where would Ezekiel bread & sprouted sourdough fall as far as FP? I noticed there are also sprouted tortillas, buns, etc.

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    Using values I found online (not guaranteed to be accurate), here is the formula for figuring our the FP for one slice of Ezekiel 4.9 original bread.
    Glycemic Index = 36
    Fiber = 3 grams
    Carbohydrate = 15 grams
    Formula: (100-36) x 15 divided by 100, then add grams of fiber (3) and sugar (0) to get the FP.
    The estimated answer for FP is 12.6 per slice. You are much better off using a French baguette or Middle Eastern flatbread (Naan), at an FP of 1 per 30 grams. It is a good idea to get a food scale that measures grams and ounces.

    Norm Robillard
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    Thanks Jl! I wrote to to see if they will provide the reference for their GI published value which was similar – 35. Will post if I get a response.

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    I have been able to tolerate sprouted oatmeal (1/4 cup dry). Supposed to have less starches, as those are used up by the seedling for energy to sprout? Oats may be easier to digests than the foods Simply6 listed above, which are wheat and other higher fp grains?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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