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    Hi there, hope ur well. Brief summary of me, hoping u can help guide me in any way thru my painful journey–thx in advance!

    2009 traveled to India 1 month, 2011 severe pain in stomach (screaming in fetal position, landing me in the ER for a night but largely subsiding after–no diagnosis), 2012 Mexico City for a few days, 2013-2014 ~6 trips totaling ~2 months in China. 2014 pain started bad again…diagnosed w/food intolerances after standard food panel (no dairy, wheat, eggs, shellfish). Did stool WBC calprotectin tests in 2014 that were normal (no ova, parasites, cysts, inflammation). 2017 stomach pain back strong…abdomen/pelvic ultrasounds clean, breath test results showed SIBO (predominantly hydrogen, but I think also methane). Did Xifaxin (Rifaximin) 550mg 3x/day 14 days (failed), linzess, ibgard, peppermint oil, dicyclomine, ibuprofen, probiotics (heard may be bad for SIBO?) + Siebecker’s SIBO diet (not strictly). Pain levels seem highly correlated w/stressful times. Previous GI ineffective/highly unresponsive.

    Now looking for (ideally) an Anthem-covered Dr. specialized in curing SIBO, no more than ~45 min drive from Oakland CA (by San Francisco). Plz share what u recommend for cure & any detail about a recommended doctor e.g. (1) Track record of success treating SIBO e.g. finding and fixing underlying causes so we dont have to be on these crazy diets forever (2) Availability. Whats typical turn-around time to get answers, appointments? (3) Do they care enough about patients, SIBO, finding a cure in least amount of time/pain/cost possible (4) Are they open to alternative treatments such as herbals (are they more effective? Some say NDs/functional MDs r better but they’re not covered so that’s last resort (or can maybe see simultaneously if that is what you advise) + there’s only 1 published report of herbal antibiotics for SIBO treatment) + can they even perform things like colonoscopies/endoscopies?

    Much appreciated! Take care.

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