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    I am on day 1 of the fast tract diet. I have sibo which presents as severe upper abdominal bloating, which also comes with breathing difficulties. In the past I also had D and C.
    In the past month prior to this I did a ten day cleanse with some awesome superfood shakes, consisting of powdered green juices and grains, and I lost ten lbs ( I need to lose 30). I also felt nutritionally satisfied more than I have in a long time. Also, my BMs went form D and C to solid regular BMs! I was thrilled EXCEPT the massive bloating continued and even got worse.
    So I found out about someone else who got rid of her massive sibo bloating through the FTD and a certain supplement. So I decided to try it. but even on day one I already miss my green and grains drink! I had also been taking a grain based fiber which I also miss! I am concerned cause I am having worse BMs even one day in, and more stomach aches. I am hoping the blat wil go away though as it is severe and debilitating.

    My question right now is– I am really missing the nutrition and feeling I was getting from my green drink. the company offers one with no grains– it has 1 gram of carbs, zero sugar and zero fibers. It is this

    I really want to give the FTD a good try and do it right as I am READY to be free of this bloating and difficulty breathing and sibo. Can I add in this green drink? It is just a tsp mixed in water a day and I really want those greens in my body. how do I figure out the FP for it- it is so many ingredients but such a small am’t of them. Please advise! Also– can I expect if I can clear up the sibo that I can eventually add back in the greens and grains drink, or grains in general?
    Thank you

    Norm Robillard
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    Hi Katie,
    That green drink should be fine. Just add on FP point if you’re counting.

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