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SIBO and natural antibiotics?

//SIBO and natural antibiotics?
SIBO and natural antibiotics?2014-02-04T00:38:15+00:00

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    Has anyone else had SIBO? Did you contract it while on a PPI? I believe that that was the root cause of my developing SIBO because of reduced stomach acid not being able to fight off bacteria.The odd thing is that Nexium did not help with my acid reflux symptoms at all. TMI, but at one point I was having 6 to 8 BM’s per day. That has been greatly reduced since being on one round of Rifaxin antibiotic and following a low FP diet most of the time. I am off all PPI’s and H2 blockers now and doing much better; but notice increased bloating and stomach distress if I eat too many carbs and sugars. Has anyone had success using natural antibiotics such as enteric coated peppermint, oregano oil, etc? Just curious.

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    I use enterically coated peppermint oil and it does help. I’ve recently discovered a product called Regimint which is enterically coated peppermint and caraway oil. I buy it here:

    I sought it out based on this study that uses enterically coated peppermint and caraway oils successfully:

    I’m not sure if I find it any better than what I had been using. It’s expensive so I combine it with my old one which is enterically coated peppermint, ginger and fennel. I should do a week with just one of them exclusively to see if I notice a difference. The other one is a NOW product and is much cheaper!

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    Thanks Lana!

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