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    Hi everyone,

    My Question.
    Has any FT member experienced long standing fat malabsorption (steatorrhea) and recovered or at least significantly improved by following the FT Diet??

    The reason I ask is this.

    Like a number of people I have spent thousands of hours researching and thousands of dollars on all kinds of “miracle” supplements and “cures” in a desperate attempt to recover and secure my digestive health. I religiously tried the SCD and other multiple dietary manipulations (FODMAPS etc.) along the way. These helped a bit not not significantly. I am healthier in some ways but still underweight

    Secondly, my work requires high energy and am having another crack at the FT Diet however, I find the low calorie vegetables, potatoes, small amount of allowable fruits, and jasmine rice although all fine for my gut simply do not provide enough calories or energy for my work demands as a very busy remedial therapist. The other thing is this. Although I respect peoples choices, for a number of reasons I personally prefer not to eat too much meat or fish. So that leaves me with eggs, avocado, coconut products, butter, cream or small amount of nuts and sheep milk yogurt. That’s fine but my dilemma is this. Since we need to go easy on high calorie carbs the only other way to make up for the lack of calories is by eating more fats. Yet I have trouble absorbing fats and I know is sounds gross but its not unusual for my stools to float in the toilet and they don’t always want to flush. What do I do??!!!!

    I’d greatly appreciate any comments,

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