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    Hi Dr. Norm,

    I bought your FTD Digestion Heartburn book & the FTD app. After reading through your approach for controlling SIBO (which I’ve been diagnosed with, and my gastro thinks may be causing my heartburn & esophagitis) I’ve realized that much of the FTD diet goes against common medical recommendations for people with pre-diabetes. Mainly with regards to high GI foods vs low GI foods, as well as fiber.

    So, I find myself at a bit of a loss as to what direction to take. I took PPIs for a long time which may have caused or contributed to my SIBO. And perhaps my pre-diabetes focused diet (high fiber, low GI) has worsened my SIBO & Heartburn further.

    Have you come across others with this dilemma? Do you have an opinion on the issue? My nutritionist seems to think that it wouldn’t be so bad to try the FTD for a few months to see if it takes care of the SIBO and then return to a diet more in line with controlling pre-diabetes.

    Thanks in advance,

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