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    Can one successfully do this diet while they are on PPI’s?

    I was recently diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and Barrett’s esophagus via an endoscopy (approximately 6 months ago). I didn’t have any noticeable symptoms prior to the test (I suppose it was silent reflux). Within a month of the procedure I had full blown acid reflux. Because of the Barrett’s concern I’ve been on PPI’s on and off since. Along with the heartburn I have excessive fluid coming up into my mouth on a constant basis. For the most part I am on this diet (with the exception of manuka honey for my throat) but feel like it can only really be effective once off PPI’s. I have tried to come off the PPI’s on several occasions (somewhat gradually) but find it very uncomfortable and worry about the damage to my esophagus. When I take PPI’s I notice I’m much more bloated than when I don’t. The fluid coming up happens whether I take PPI’s or not. I have been taking slippery elm and DGL to try combat this naturally but haven’t had much success. The constant fluid coming up is also very concerning as this happens at night as well.

    Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank-you.

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    Hi Kathy

    I’ve been weaning myself off Nexium 20m since last December and am down to under half a tablet now. I just wanted to let you know that I started a very low carb diet at the same time I started weaning off this medication because of the ill effects from doubling the dose in late November on the advice of my general practitioner. I also use apple cider vinegar before each meal to help combat any oesoghageal pain after eating. I can say that diet alone (and I’m talking vegetables, a little fruit, unprocessed meats, very little milk, natural yoghurt and coconut oil – no grains whatsoever) helped me a lot. I’m now including the FP of foods table and keeping to the low side only (no banana now, for example). So, in essence, I can tell you that a low carb diet definitely helped me from the beginning, even being on a PPI.

    I’ve had LRP diagnosed but did not take investigations further than that as my feeling was that this has occurred as a result of being on Nexium for 7 years. Time will tell. In my lay opinion, I think even if you find you need to stay on a PPI you will be in a better place if you stick with the diet.

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