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  • Jaeme
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    Norm, I made the Pineapple Macaroons recipe tonight, but the binding (egg white & butter) ran right out of the cookies and then gelled together in the bottom of the pan as one big layer. So the cookies look like little islands in a sea of gel.

    How “whipped” should the egg white be? Just clear & foamy, or more like soft peak stage?

    I did use dextrose in place of the Splenda, supposedly dextrose bakes the same as sugar and Splenda for baking does too?

    Norm Robillard
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    Hum, not sure, but doesn’t sound good. We just made these the other day. I was mad at my girlfriend for not following the directions. She just slapped everything all together and threw it into the oven. They came out great. I should ask her what she did! : )

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    Jaeme, dextrose is less sweet than regular sugar, so you need to use about 1/3 more in recipes. I don’t know if that affected your macaroons.

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    Where do you get dextrose?

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    I got mine from a local health food store, but brewer/winemaking supply stores also sell it (sometimes called corn sugar, as it is derived from corn).

    Beware, though: “The Corn Refiners have just petitioned the FDA to be allowed to use the name Corn Sugar to apply to both glucose/dextrose and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). But the existing definition seems to exclude HFCS. While HFCS is about half glucose, it is also about half fructose, and its manufacture from corn starch requires one more enzyme.”

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