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    I was on the FTD for about two weeks, dealing with LPR, and I was adhering to it really closely.

    My diet consisted of mostly chicken and spinach, and I had less than 10FP everyday. I think it was working really well, until my stomach just would not stop hurting. I was getting plenty of fiber and liquids.

    I figured that maybe I need more fat in my diet, so I had a couple hard boiled eggs (0FP) and had a huge flare up – my voice was incredibly hoarse for most of the next day and I felt awful. The same thing happens when I eat avocados. My body just can’t handle fatty foods.

    I figured this could be an issue with fiber or stomach acid, so I gave oatmeal a shot (which is so many FP!). But I gotta say, I feel much much better after I started eating oatmeal.

    So does FP really matter? Eggs are 0FP but they make me feel terrible. Or I could have 40FP of oatmeal in a day and feel much better. Is there something I’m missing here? Maybe the FTD isn’t for me.

    Or, is oatmeal not actually a good thing to eat?

    Norm Robillard
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    I never tell people not to do what is working, so if oatmeal is working and your symptoms are improving, you could be right and FTD is not for you. But I would advise a trial for several weeks to see if your LPR symptoms consistently improve since there is no doubt in my mind that oatmeal will provoke more (not less) reflux for most people. Here are a few other things to consider:
    1. You said you were getting plenty of fiber. But fiber is one of the classes of fermentable foods that need to be limited on FTD. So you are technically not on the FTD unless you are counting these fiber grams as FP points.
    2. Foods like oatmeal often feel good when you first consume them perhaps sopping up some acid, preventing immediate reflux, etc. And since the carbs in oatmeal are quite complex, it can take many many hours for gut bacterial populations really get going fermenting these carbs and producing a lot of gas, so any symptoms oatmeal provokes can be many hours later, or even the next day. By then, another food may get the blame.
    3. You mentioned avocado causes problems. Yes, it has lots of fat, but it also has lots of fermentable fiber. I recommend limiting servings to approx. 1/4 or 1/3 of an avocado for this reason.
    4. Histamine can also be an issue and spinach is loaded and egg whites reportedly contain histamine liberators.
    5. You may have additional underlying issues (there are over 30 that need to be assessed, dismissed or confirmed and addressed)

    If you need more specific help, please check out the consultation page. I have a comprehensive program for reflux and LPR.

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