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    Wonder what the FP of these crackers would be:

    Lydia’s ginger nori crackers
    Serving Size: 3 Crackers (28 Grams)

    Amount Per Serving / % DV

    Calories 150
    Calories from Fat 70
    Total Fat 8g
    Saturated Fat 1g
    Sodium 105mg
    Total Carbohydrates 9g
    Dietary Fiber 5g
    Sugars <1g
    Protein 7g
    Vitamin A 4% RDA
    Vitamin C 4% RDA
    Calcium 6% RDA
    Iron 8% RDA

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    Hi fasttracklady– it’s pretty easy to figure out with the FP calculator. You just need the glycemic index of the food, carbohydrate grams, fiber grams, and sugar alcohol (artificial sweeteners ending in “ol”…sorbitol, etc.) content. Assuming these crackers have the same GI as graham crackers at 74, the FP would be 6. Using Norm’s recommendation to estimate the GI to be 50 if it is unknown, the GI is 7. Both are in the upper range of low FP. This number will be higher if there is sugar alcohol in the crackers. You will find the FP calculator tab in the black bar above.

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    Thanks very much! Sometimes I just have a hard time finding the glycemic index for particular foods. But guess I won’t go crazy with these crackers keeping in mind the FP value.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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