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    Hi all- any good lunch ideas? I am getting really bored with a green salad and tuna/chicken/salmon/other meat made into salad with mayo. Or even the beef veggie soup with salad. Dinners seem easier to be creative

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    Jaeme, sometimes I will make a soup with ginger miso broth from Trader Joe’s, very low FP. I will add jasmine rice and some veggies. You could even add some diced meat or chicken. I have also added diced pieces of very firm tofu. Maybe you can have a little French bread t00 if you can tolerate it. Come to think of it, how about some stir fried veggies with meat or chicken over jasmine rice?

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    I make a ‘salad’ with copped chicken, cucumbers, celery, 2-3 cherry tomatoes chopped, small amount of fresh grated beetroot and a good dollop of cottage cheese mixed in a bowl then dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It also works with a chopped hard boiled egg or good quality tinned tuna instead of chicken – before I started on FTD I used to have this with nuts instead of the meat.

    I also make sticky/jasmine rice and chicken with kale steamed and dressed with the Greek dressing from day 2 of the FTD IBS book. I make a heap of this dressing and it gets better the longer it keeps… I use fresh basil leaves without the oregano.

    Also omelettes are yummy and easy, topped/filled with saute mushrooms, capsicum and/or cheese or any other thing you want to add in – serve with a bit of lettuce or cucumbers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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