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LPR , Bloating, and Bronchoconstriction with Eating FATS

//LPR , Bloating, and Bronchoconstriction with Eating FATS
LPR , Bloating, and Bronchoconstriction with Eating FATS2018-09-18T23:35:14+00:00

Fast Tract Diet for SIBO Forum Laryngopharyngeal Reflux – LPR LPR , Bloating, and Bronchoconstriction with Eating FATS

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  • jdoublej
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    Hi,…so I’ve had LPR that is accompanied by very heavy almost pregnant looking bloating (not a good look for a man such as myself) and bronchoconstriction (air hunger) when I eat fats for the past several years…I have a gallbladder, have done ultra sounds, MRI’s, steatocrit on stool tests,..I do not have blonde stools,..basically the gallbladder appears to be normal. Ok…So you might ask ‘what are you eating along side those fats?’ I’ve been eating a very natural whole foods diet..and I have multiple multiple times conducted a test for myself and my doctor that when I add say Avocado, Coconut Oil, more than a teaspoon of olive oil, really any fat you can name,…I start to become symptomatic, my throat is all scratching, horse voice, hard time burping, lump in throat,..and a seriously uncomfortable bloated stomach that can last for days,..often I will need to fast 24-48 hours if I eat a lot of fat…Now I can eat piles of sweet potato, rice, boxes and boxes of blueberries, strawberries, brocolli, cauliflower, 1 banana,…i notice 2 gets a little weird….AND BE TOTALLY FINE…for the most part anyways…now I will say, I giant pile of beans with no fat will bloat me out of orbit and cause a degree of LPR, so that I would say is the one carb exception,..perhaps its lectin content. For a while taking Ox Bile seemed to help,..but now I can take many pills, 3-5 of ox bile and still not walk away fine from a fatty meal…I actually still take the Ox Bile because it and only it provides me with regularity,..I’m hopelessly constipated without it, interesting tid bit there,…but relieving constipation does not relieve LPR, or the other symptoms mentioned above…Now back to saying ‘what else am i eating with the fat’…even if I just grab an avocado or spoon ful of coconut oil on an empty stomach, I will will experience bloating and LPR…So I’m not sure ridding my diet of carbs will be effective…but I want to hear what Dr. Robillard and other members of this forum have to say about this, I feel the situation does run counter to everything addressed in the Fast Track diet,..yet I feel this forum and Dr. Robillard’s work is one of the only places where the issue is even addressed…So the ‘Dropping Acid’ approach is another,..but if I were to rewrite their work I would call it ‘dropping fat’ at least in my case it seems more effective…but I hate it! Fat makes a meal good for me, not carbs.

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    Another tidbit about me is that I have anti parietal cell antibodies elevated to 25.6, and 25 is the cutoff for normal..without an h pylori infection as tested by multiple endoscopies and stool tests…Would this place me in the ‘low stomach acid camp’ as my current doctor believes? I’m not so sure because on endoscopy autoimmune gastritis or pernicious anemia was not found, and I do not feel any benefit from taking Betaine often makes things worse.

    Norm Robillard
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    Hi J,
    Interesting story. You may very well have some intolerance to fats, but do be careful of mixed meals and foods that contain both fat and fiber (such as avocado) when interpreting dietary experiments. Also, complex carbs from previous meals can play into symptoms as they can take 10-15 hrs to fully break down. If you are interested in my help following up on this issue and the anti-parietal abs, feel free to contact me on our consultation tab.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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