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    First time poster here…I have been dealing with the symptoms of LPR since October (coughing, clearing of throat, constant lump in throat). I am deathly afraid to have a scope done as my health anxiety won’t allow me to subject myself, especially since from what I have read, the ENT docs scope you and then prescribe PPIs like they are candy. I would much rather go in a more holistic direction with diet change and supplements.

    Anyway, I have done a ton of research about LPR and how to get rid of it and keep hearing more and more about pepsin being the real culprit, not acid. So, I did the baking soda test for a few days and never burped (although on day 3, I finally did after 20 or so minutes). So, I am assuming I have low stomach acid. Question: if pepsin is the real villain, then why should I take HCL WITH pepsin as others have recommended?

    I am planning on starting the FTD tomorrow…just got the book last week.

    Also, what type of results can I expect in regards to how quickly will my symptoms subside? I just started with laryngitis yesterday 🙁

    Norm Robillard
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    Hi Meghrk, The important thing is stopping the reflux, not adding acid and pepsin unless you know your deficient. The FTD is focused on eliminating the excess fermentation and reflux-driving gas. For LPR, you will need to be strict on the diet, read the trouble-shooting sections in the book and mobile app. You can get help via our consultation program and join the Fast Tract Diet Official Facebook Group.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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