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    Did SIBO lactulose test, came back negative, but that test has only a 68% success rate so take it with some skepticism. I did get my stool sample test back and I have a ridiculous overgrowth of yeast/fungus. Apparently this can cause GERD symptoms too. When I eat too much fiber things are totally out of control and I get all kinds of LPR symptoms. When I eat sugar not much happens- right away anyway. Nonetheless I am on a super restrictive diet that combines antifungal and FT diet.

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    Hi Norm – Does Apple Cider Vinegar have fructose in it? and would that have a high FP?


    Norm Robillard
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    Hi Joe,
    No fructose in vinegar and the FP = 0.

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    Re low acid or too much acid, I was recommended to take Zypan, which is a digestive enzyme, with HCL. I was told that reflux has to do with not having enough acid to digest proteins. So am giving it a try?

    Anyone have any comments on this?

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    Hi FT Lady- Zypan has helped me. I take one per meal.

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