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  • Lana
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    I was looking at what I ate for supper tonight as I bloated up quite a bit. Everything was low FP – BUT – I ate leftover jasmine rice with my meal. I looked it up and found that Jasmine rice contains approx. 15% amylose starch whereas Sticky Rice contains less than 1% amylose starch. I guess that higher amount of amylose starch means more resistant starch in leftover rice regardless of it’s high GI. Actually, it would be interesting if someone tested the GI of LEFTOVER Jasmine rice!
    I think I’ll stick with sticky rice when eating leftover rice until I’m more healed. Actually, I think I’ll just make my rice fresh each time!

    Norm Robillard
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    Makes sense to me. Cooling does produce RS not all of which becomes re-gelatinized upon reheating.

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    is sticky rice Mochi is it labeled in the store? thanks i’d like to know as there is soooo many different rices…

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