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    Hi FT experts and seasoned FT’ers,

    Have any of you read Life Without Bread by German author Wolfgang Lutz?

    He recommends no more than 72 grams of utilizable carb per day for overcoming inflammatory bowel diseases. In the Specific Carbohydrate Diet Ms Ellaine Gotschall is more concerned about quality rather than quantity – avoid certain problematic starches and sugars. Before discovering the FTD three weeks ago (so far so good) I experimented with both the SCD and Wolfgang’s low carb diet and concluded that both quality and quantity (although not necessarily the extremely low 72 grams) are important.

    My question is this. From a FTD point of view is it best to keep the carbs down ALONG WITH the Fermentable foods, or just keep the potentially high fermentable foods low??

    Thanks guys,

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    Hi, Jeffo. I have not read the books that you mentioned. In the Fast Tract Diet book, Norm has no wheat in the diet for the first week, with slight amounts in the second. In general, the overall FP of the food is what matters. However, if you have very challenging symptoms even after following the diet, Norm will suggest that you also keep your carb count very low until symptoms resolve.

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    Hi Jeffo – glad to hear FTD is going well for you so far. This process is a “journey of discovery”, figuring out what works best for you. The more of a baseline you start with, the easier it may be to figure out your individual issue. That way when you add one thing back in or make one change you can gauge your response. So, I agree with JI – if doing just low FP is working for you that may be enough. I found that keeping carbs below 100 a day is best for me, but someone else may be good with way more. Hope you find your “best” 🙂

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