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    So, how long are we supposed to be on the diet? Just until symptoms are gone, or is this an indefinite thing? Is the SIBO actually cured, or is it just managed with the diet? How many weeks do most people stay on the diet? Also, are there any supplements we can take to help rid us of SIBO?


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    Pretty sure the diet is not a cure.

    Here is a recent study for traditional antibiotics.

    Herbal Therapy vs. Rifaximin for Treatment of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

    This is an interesting site that talks about treatment and causes of SIBO

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    Norm has said a few times in other threads that he still eats according to FTD, but his system is now robust enough to handle some high FP food now and then without major problems. For example, in the Q&A thread:

    Occasional indulgence shouldn’t be a big deal, especially as your gut improves on the diet. You can always pick up the slack after the holidays. Following several years of lower FP dieting, I can tolerate more fermentable carbs for three to five days without much of a problem – perhaps a few tums. The best approach is to go by your symptoms – listen to your body.

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