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    I think I have LPR, but really the only symptom I have is a chronic sore/raw throat in the Adam’s apple region. Sometimes it flares up higher in the throat and recently I’ve had bouts of ear ache or a burning ear sensation. I’ve been to an ENT to rule out cancer, but I don’t have any of the other symptoms – no feeling of lump in back of throat, no mucus build up, no cough or hoarseness etc.

    So I have some questions:

    1) Could this still be LPR – my ENT shrugs his shoulders?
    2) How could excess gas caused by carbs affect my throat so much (sorry if this is a stupid question but I’m having trouble understanding all the information on the web).
    3) Would the Dropping Acid diet work in conjunction with the Fast Tract diet? I’ve read about how Pepsin sticks to your throat and is activated by eating anything acidic…

    Thank you for your help – I’m just finding all the different info and diets a little overwhelming. The Fast Tract Diet sounds good and manageable – I just want to be free from this sore throat I’ve had for 4 months now and the PPI’s I’m on don’t seem to be doing anything.


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