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    Hi Bearsmom, Cynthia here, sorry you have suffered so with the IC. I go thru periods when it is worse than others, but I haven’t used any spices or salt in 4 months. All of my food is plain and that has made a difference, but very boring diet. I read your post and as far as meat, I put all my food in a blender so it is already digested in a way, and I cannot swallow solids. Today, I ate two cups of rice, instead of the pasta, however, I think the 1/4 of heavy cream a day that the Doctor said I could try is really bothering me. Gas and bloating are with me 24 hours a day. Huge bloating mainly below the belly button. I looked at some of the recipes on this website, and I could never tolerate all the spices, salt, etc., I would have an IC flare. Also, it is too hard to measure the calories, I have to try to take in 2,000 a day to maintain my 89 pounds. If I remove the cream which is 240 calories, I have no idea what to replace it with since I can’t do yogurt and my saturated fat is already at 200%. I would love to give the rice a rest, but can’t that is 400 calories. Thanks for responding and I am glad you are on the road to recovery!

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    Hi Sarinda!
    Thanks for posting. As you know I sent you some private emails and hope you find the right combo of doctors and diets to support your healing. Please update us on your progress!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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