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    Hello! I think I have LPR, at least that is what an allergist told me about 3 years ago. He proceeded to put me on Zantac (as well as gabapentan and when I did not want that, Baclofin). I should have never been prescribed them, and I did not take either for more than a few days before stopping). This allergist also started me on allergy shots. I don’t do those anymore either, because I thought it was ridiculous. I don’t see him anymore.

    Let me back up to when LPR first hit me – 8 months after a botched hysterectomy where the surgeon put a suture through my bladder. I had 2 blood transfusions, as well as another complication that has since healed. That was Feb 2012, and it was the most stressed I have ever been in my life. It was a horrible experience. I am convinced that experienced, and 20 plus years of chronic stress due to an anxiety disorder, is the cause of my digestive woes. By October 2012 I started feeling a lump in my throat or a tightening. (Now, it’s just the tight feeling, no lump feeling). Burping after anything I consumed – even water. I also was very congested each morning and also had a mucus or phlegm in my throat that I could not clear. I was in no pain. I felt no burning that one with “heartburn” would feel. Some days are good, to the point of not having any symptoms, but those days are few. Some days are not too bad and some days really get me down and upset.

    I have spent loads on alternative medicine and supplements. Did not help, but only cost a lot of money. I am currently seeing a chiropractor. I take an hcl digestive enzyme called Zypan which helps with the belching, so I’m continuing with that. I take zinc and L-Carnosine suppliment called Gastric Soothe. I’m not sure if that supplement, along with the 12 inch wedge pillow or the chiropractic is helping, or a combination of all three. I find that since starting the Gastric Sooth, at the same time using the wedge pillow, I am not congested in the morning. I take Magnesium – 400 mg a day to correct horrible constipation. It has not helped so I’m going to double that starting today. I take Vit D3 K2 drops (I have horribly low Vit D levels), B12 sublingual spray, Glutothione sublingual spray, and I take a product for glandular support (thyroid, addrenal). That is all.

    I’m not in pain, but I’m not comfortable and sometimes I become afraid. I have an appointment Oct 12 with my gastro. I’m going to request an endoscopy to make sure nothing scary is going on in my esophagus and stomach, check for hernia, any esophageal damage, h pylori, candida and SIBO. I just need to know what he can see.

    I’ve read that LPR is chronic and can not be cured. Has anyone ever been cured of LPR?
    I am a gastrointestinal nightmare.

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    Hello, Briana. I’m sorry to hear of your struggle.

    I think most of the Q&As for this diet, FTD, are now on Facebook. So you might have better luck getting answers there. I don’t use Facebook, so I periodically check this forum.

    I can tell you that this diet did help my LPR symptoms a lot. But it wasn’t a cure. I now believe LPR is a lifelong condition, that’s somehow related to anxiety. So I’m no longer expecting a cure. I’m just focused on management and keeping the symptoms to a minimum.

    This Fast Tract diet certainly helps minimize symptoms. Here are some other things I’ve noticed with my struggle (which is far easier now, and some days I don’t notice symptoms):

    – I don’t do well with high-fat foods — they seem to worsen symptoms. So I eat a moderate level of fat. I eat lots of skinless poultry and salmon, as well as vegetables (mostly cooked, because they’re easier to digest that way), and a serving or two of fruit (melons, mostly). Also, lots of Jasmine rice. I don’t refrigerate it, as that increases the resistant starch and it absolutely causes bloating. I cook a batch (1 cup of uncooked rice; makes about 700 grams of cooked rice) every morning. I eat that throughout the day, left on the counter in an air-tight container. So it remains soft — it doesn’t get hard and clumpy. And at night, I throw out whatever’s left over.

    – I stop eating three hours before bed. And I elevate the head of my bed by 5 inches (wood blocks under head of bed) so I can sleep on an incline.

    – I don’t take any medications or supplements, except for a probiotic: Primal Defense, by Garden of Life. Probiotics have been shown to reduce anxiety, and anxiety is strongly linked to functional dyspepsia (indigestion).

    Regarding constipation, I know that too much fat slows down my digestion. Also, too few calories/food does the same. If I keep my fat at moderate levels, and eat lots of food, that seems to help keep me regular. And drink plenty of water.

    Good luck. I wish you the best.

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    Thank you, ScottB for replying. This really struck a chord with me when you stated, “I now believe LPR is a lifelong condition, that’s somehow related to anxiety. So I’m no longer expecting a cure. I’m just focused on management and keeping the symptoms to a minimum.”

    I really believe this to be true, so very true. I think realizing this will help me to not feel so anxious over it all. I have a history of pretty bad anxiety issues.

    I did not realize that probiotics could ease anxiety, so thank you for that and also the brand recommendation. There are so many out there that it makes it difficult to know which one to purchase.

    I found the face book group and joined. Again, thank you for directing me there and your advice, tips and encouragement.

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