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    As a confirmed SIBO suffer (via 2 separate endoscopes), your book really hit the mark. Your diet recommendation validated, scientifically, what I had been trying to do on my own for the last few years. I went down the antibiotic route, on multiple occasions, with solid effectiveness at first, but relapse was soon to follow as was resistance to antibiotics. So, food has become thy medicine. That said, in my experience, it takes time, and a great deal of patience to see the results through diet. It is VERY possible, but patience is paramount. Would it not be a miracle to find a substance/drug that wiped away the bad guys while leaving the good ones intact?…a holy grail right? We all know pharmaceutical antibiotics do do that. But what about herbs? I’m not an herbalist, but I’m learning. Combing diet for maintenance while knocking out the bad bugs seems like the most opportune treatment plan. Check out the following link:

    This lady has a pretty incredible story. She cured herself with diet and wrote two books on using diet to heal. I wonder how much truth there is to whether or not these herbs actually kills the bad bugs only? And leave the good ones intact. If this was truly the case, it seems your diet plus an herbal port oval would truly be the holy grail.


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    Here is a link you might be interested in.
    But most substances that kill bacteria don’t discriminate between the good and bad bugs. In general, I recommend diet first with no form of antimicrobial. It might make sense to knock down the total number of gut bacteria under some circumstances or if more serious symptoms of nutritional deficiencies are evident.

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