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    Hi everybody, I have started on the fast tract diet several times already yet always had to cancel it due to increased symptoms. It seems to me that in my case, high GI/low FP foods seem to make fermentation and bloating worse instead of better!

    Case in point: I replaced my usual whole grains with jasmine rice, and my tummy trouble increased. As I’ve made no other drastic changes I’m sure that the rice is to blame.

    Also, looking back, I have made some observations which seem to contradict the predictions made by the FP quotient. When I eat unheated rolled oats in water, I’m doing much better than when I cook them to a porridge before. The same applies for other whole grains which can be eaten with or without heating them up. As cooking/heating generally increases GI, the opposite should happen according to the FP quotient.

    It seems that in my case carbs which can be absorbed quickly create more problems than “slow” ones. Does that give any insight into the likely causes of my condition, and how should it affect the treatment?

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