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    Comment from Lana (migrated from discontinued thread)
    I’ve just recently been diagnoses with Hashimoto’s – an auto-immune disease. Prior to this I was diagnosed with IBS and I have Rosacea as well as most of the ‘symptoms’ of Fibromyalgia. I have no doubt that gut healing is the key to it all.
    Something I’ve pondered for awhile is my bloating. That is my main IBS symptom. I find it interesting that I don’t pass gas. I just bloat and stay bloated for hours and hours. It seems the distension is high in my abdomen which makes me wonder if the fermentation taking place is in the small intestine. Perhaps that’s why there’s no passing gas?? So in my case, I think it’s wise to reduce fermentation as much as possible as it seems to be taking place in the wrong part of my alimentary tract. Interesting that you mention potato starch AussieNana (refer to ankylosing spondylitis thread), that’s one of my worst contributors to bloating.

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    You may well be right that it makes a difference where the fermentation occurs. While I’ve had gut problems all my life going back 6 decades its only now that information is becoming available to us.

    I’ve been on a low fermentation diet for the last 6 years or so, only adding fermentable starches in the last month when that diet became unstable for me.

    I used to get good results from being 80% paleo, then 90%, then 95%. Now I have to be 100% to get lesser results than I used to get so its time for me to explore other things.

    My rosacea is now only occasional. I have to keep sugars and ordinary carbs right down. Adding the potato starch hasn’t triggered it. One of the docs I’ve corresponded with over the years reckons he gets the best results for rosacea when he treats the gut for fungal infections.

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    Have you listened to the Safe Starches seminar? – I found it very interesting and speaks about results similar to yours. Here’s the link: http://vimeo.com/52872503
    I know for thyroid health it’s very important to have adequate carbohydrates. Have you tried carbs that don’t ferment? – the amylopectin based starches – glutinous (sticky) rice, jasmine rice and red potatoes? As Norm says in his book – just chew well when eating starches so the amylase in your saliva can do it’s work in breaking them down!
    Thanks for the info about Rasacea. That’s interesting.

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    Here is a very interesting article about link between Hashymoto’s and bacteria’s

    There is a new research that Hashymoto’s can be provoked by the N-Glycolylneuraminic acid (Neu5Gc) . It is a sialic acid that is in the meat of mammals. Normaly it can’t reach our immune system, but in the presence of bacterias it can.

    Because of that the author of the article suggest:
    1) Improving gut barrier integrity and mucosal immunity,
    2) Normalizing or diversifying the gut flora, and
    3) Reducing dietary Neu5Gc by replacing beef, dairy, lamb, and pork with seafood and bird meats.

    So we can improve gut barrier and mucosal immunity while normalizing gut flora via FAST TRACT APPROACH and at the same time we can limit red meats to add the benefits.

    All these make sense to me…

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