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    Hi Norm,

    You say that 1/2 and 1/2 is not allowed with coffee in the morning, but ‘light cream’ is? What is ‘light cream’? I was doing some research and came across someone named Steve Carper (, and he lists skim milk as having 5.2% lactose, half-n-half as 4.2%, light cream as 3.9% and whipping cream as 2.9%. So…wouldn’t whipping cream be the best thing to put in coffee?

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    Hi Ronnie- I use heavy cream, both in coffee & smoothies. After doing FT diet for several months, I tried half-n-half at a coffee shop with no problems, and have been able to continue doing so. But I am 99% sure I am not lactose intolerant (Northern European ancestry, never had issues with any dairy).

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    Hi Ronnie, I use heavy cream as I have not been able to find light cream. Both are low FP. I seem to tolerate all dairy products well.

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