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    Hi Everyone and Norm,

    Norm I really appreciate all the great work you’ve done and for building this community. I hope this finds everyone making strides in their pursuits and in their healing.

    I wanted to reach out to see if anybody out there has found healing or respite from a naggingly, ever-recurring case of LPR.

    Some background on me:

    I’m 30 years old and eat strictly organic, I’m in the best shape of my life and on the extreme end of health discipline. — For the past 7-8 years I’ve been eating gluten free, paleo, or Keto, cyclically, with varying degrees of carbs, but predominately always on the low carb side of things. I don’t eat sugar at all really, aside from berries and the occasional dark chocolate. I’ve stuck to the strict Bulletproof diet, which (for those that are aware), is one of the cleanest/disciplined diet approaches out there. In the last year, due to my consistent LPR symptoms, I’ve been closer to low Fodmap/keto/ and at times carnivore type dieting approaches. My LPR seems to disappear at times, and then it comes back with a vengeance. Just recently a few days ago it’s done just that, which has prompted this post. I’d grown quite happy with my progress and wasn’t experiencing symptoms and thought I was really making traction. At a family party I consumed 1 vodka drink with an organic/reishi infused peach juice, and a piece of flourless cake. This was enough to bring my LPR back, now with ENT issues, dizziness and non-stop throat clearing, and intense ashtma-like symptoms. ALWAYS precipitated by feelings of bloating and esophogeal spasms.

    Here’s what I have done over the past year:

    1) Supplement with 2-6 capsules of HCL+Pepsin at any meal containing protein. Scaled accordingly obviously to the size of the meal and amount of protein/meat.

    2) Take Bulletproof brand Collagen daily, eat a totally gluten free/next to zero lectin diet. Occasional bone broth as well. All for intestinal barrier integrity, and to minimize any potential inflammation.

    3) Maintain adequate Vitamin D status either through supplementation (2,000 to 5,000 IU) or through full body sun exposure.

    4) Daily Meditation

    What I know/Don’t Know:

    1) Based on the crude test version (multiple attempts for confirmation) I seem to have low stomach acid. Multiple baking soda tests first thing in the AM with zero burps. HCL has been a part of every meal for me for over a year, just to be safe, and I haven’t really scaled down at all.

    2) The above may or may not be due to SIBO or H. Pylori, and I haven’t been tested yet.

    Not to write a novel or ramble on here, but Norm and community.. has anyone had similar experiences? Has anyone found a consistent cure? I’m growing extremely frustrated given that my health is clearly something I take seriously and the discipline is there. But do some LPR cases just need a prolonged duration of intense healing and discipline? Something like a near-carnivore diet and 20FP points or less daily for say 1-6 months? No slip ups and no alcohol, maybe a cup of coffee a day but mostly green tea. Just taking the time to heal for a prolonged period of time?

    Norm Robillard
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    I can appreciate your challenge and frustration RK. Reflux in general and LPR in particular are challenging conditions. My own chronic acid reflux is under complete control for the last 15 years – except for when I fall off the wagon for a few days on vacation etc. LPR may require even more diligence.

    Some of the different approaches you mentioned will almost certainly increase fermentable carbs. Very low FP or keto are the best options of those you mentioned. GF / Paleo have many high FP food options and may not be the best approach. At issue I believe is how few fermenting carbs are required for bacteria to produce a lot of gas (30 grams carbs = 10 liters of gas). So strict limits on dietary carbs, especially the five mentioned in the book and app, are required.

    Also, anything that limits efficient digestion / absorption will dramatically increase the fermentation burden in the intestines. Since so many potential underlying or contributing causes are possible and many affect digestion, working with someone on these may be required along with some additional testing if needed. If I can help, you can contact me via the consultation page.

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