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    I am just starting the FP diet and have a couple of questions to get started.

    Is the glycemic index number for vegetables in the tables in the back of the SIBO book given for cooked or raw veggies? Would it make a difference? I.e., would cooked/canned green beans have a different glycemic index than raw green beans (and thus a different FP)? Would the GI and thus the FP be different for boiled carrots than raw carrots? If so, which does te tables reflect?

    Secondly, I remain slightly confused about the overlap of the FODMAP diet and the Fast Tract diet. I realize the Fast Tract diet limits more fiber and resistant starch than the FODMAP diet. Is there wisdom in combining the Fast Tract and FODMAP diet, i.e., avoid FODMAPS while also counting the FP? (Especially for years long, entrenched, hard to get rid of SIBO)? Or is that unnecessary? For example, mushrooms are polyls and often advised to eliminate as a FODMAP but have a low FP. Is it better to eliminate those (at least at first, and then try reintroducing them)? In summary, is it best to combine the FODMAP and FP approach, or just disregard FODMAP and go entirely by FP?

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