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    I have been diagnosed with functional dyspepsia which I believe developed from taking a course of Flagyl 500mg x 3/daily for 10 days for Blastocystis Hominis as well as being on an anti-inflammatory drug called Naproxen for 6 months (250mg x 2 daily) for inflammation in another area. I personally feel I have GERD and LPR and IBS as I am not entirely sure what functional dyspepsia is really. The doctors didn’t explain it to me – they asked me to read about it online. I went to the doctor’s because I was severely constipated, sometimes dizzy, had brain fog at times and wanted to know what was wrong with me. After being treated for Blasto. unsuccessfully (it has transpired based on recent tests) they thought I may have gastritis and I was immediately put on esomeprazole 20mg for 5 weeks. I was unsure I had gastritis but I noticed that I had extreme fatigue during this time, more dizzy spells etc and felt that milk was making my symptoms worse with acid buid up in my stomach. I had a gastroscopy, lots of tests for H.pylori, bloods tests etc and everything came back negative. Happy – I thought I was going to get better but then I developed a motility problem – it was as if my stomach stopped digesting food completely. I stopped eating and lost significant amount of weight. Then, switched to boiled veg, boiled rice and potatoes combined with digestive enzymes and Trifala at every meal which helped me to start eating 3 times a day again. I then noticed that I was refluxing a lot and couldn’t quite understand what was happening and realised that I must also have GERD and LPR. I then stumbled across this website and was really inspired so have started following the FTD loosely – just to see if this might be something for me. While my first impression is good, I feel, however, introducing meat has meant that my digestion has slowed down again. I want to eat a normal diet and help myself to heal but I don’t really know how. I think I’ve got SIBO and leaky gut but who knows. I am no expert. Does anyone have a clue? I have been ‘sick’ now for 3 months.

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    I was doing nursing essay writing at school and now I’m a nurse myself. I had a couple of pacients with dyspepsia and I know how tough it can be. But in the end you gotta fight. Always

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